YMMV / Rayman (1995)

  • Breather Boss: Skops the Scorpion could very well be easier to defeat than Moskito. It's a little weird, since after Skops comes the final level where Mr. Dark presides.
    • May actually overlap with What Could Have Been: As a beta screenshot on the PS1 box reveals, he was supposed to be a very early boss fought in the Dream Forest (perhaps even being the first boss in the game) before they moved him up and replaced him with Moskito.
  • Breather Level: Blue Mountains can feel like this after some of the superhuman feats you have to pull off in Band Land. However, then in comes the snow-capped mountaintops of Mr. Stone's Peaks...
  • Demonic Spiders: The Stone Men in Blue Mountains. They thow lava rocks that split into harmful debris that can be difficult to avoid. You have to punch them several times before they collapse... a moment before they revive themselves like Dry Bones.
    • Also, the toothy fish in Eat At Joe's. They're really fast and appear where they can easily knock you off the tiny platforms.
  • Ear Worm: YEAH!!! Tatataaataaatata nyahaaahahahaha *ting* Also, the bonus level music is very hard to get out of your head.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One of the songs in Candy Chateau is apparently called "The Cake is a Lie".
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Anti-toons. They appear in every world, and their small size means you have to be below them to hit them (or duck after throwing your fist while they are coming towards you), and have an annoying habit of coming-and-going on tiny, often slipery platforms just to be sure you fall to your death.
    • Hunters. They appear in every world just like Anti-toons, and shoot slow-moving bullets that swing hammers at you. They are only vulnerable while they're polishing their weapon after shooting it.
    • Short Livingstones could qualify as well. They are more aggressive than their tall brethren, and can duck to avoid your fist, or block it by entering an attack stance and trying to grab you. Green Bugs/Crickets in Band Land behave the same way, except they can also fly.
  • Most Annoying Sound: That gasping shriek Rayman makes whenever he is hurt by something, and considering the amount of things on this game that are out to do nothing but hurt you, you will hear it a LOT.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: That "YEAH!" when you finish a level. It starts off rather comical, but turns into one of the most gratifying sounds ever when you complete an especially difficult level.
  • Polished Port: The Sega Saturn port, which had color transparencies, crisper sound and scene transitions unique from the PlayStation and Jaguar ports. However, it's missing the password system and one negligible track of music, and the FM Vs are more compressed than the PS1 port. Also, all three of the PC re-releases notably have new custom-made bonus levels made by the fans and developers, as well as a level editor. The only downsides are that the soundtrack was cut down and the cut scenes had to be removed from Rayman Forever because there was too much content to fit them in.
  • That One Boss: The second encounter with Space Mama. First, she's at the end of an already hard level so you can't save your game before her. The battle is quite long and while you may have 5 hp reaching her if you died the first time (which is likely), you'll have to redo the entire battle with only 3 hp!. The next two bosses look easy by comparison.
  • That One Level: The game itself is Nintendo Hard but Allegro Presto, Mr Stone's Peaks and Eat at Joe's are among the hardest levels. Bongo Hills also qualifies because it's so damn long, the longest level in the game in fact, dragged out, difficult and has hard to find cages.