YMMV / Rawhide

The 1959 series

The 1951 film

  • Complete Monster: In this 1951 Western, Tevis is an escaped convict and a member of Rafe Zimmerman's gang. Unlike his pragmatic boss, Tevis is a brutal loose cannon who murders the stationmaster of Rawhide station and instantly sets his sights on the beautiful woman Holt, trying to rape her before Zimmerman stops him. Tevis later makes another attempt to rape Holt, strangling her when she resists. When Zimmerman stops him again, Tevis shoots him in the back, kills another member of their gang and tries to murder the last. When he engages in a fighter with Tom Owens, Tevis holds Callie, the baby niece of Holt, at gunpoint to force Tom to present himself unarmed, shooting the ground near Callie to make her "dance."