YMMV / Ravenous

  • Complete Monster: Colonel Ives is a cannibalistic soldier who learns of the Wendigo myth and decides to try it because he's dying and has nothing to lose. The myth was true; Ives is cured of his tuberculosis and depression. He takes a wagon train into the mountains and leads it astray so he can slaughter and eat everyone else. To kick off the main plot, he assumes the identity of "Reverend Colqhoun" and lures more soldiers to the spot so he can eat them too, sadistically chasing one terrified man down before gutting him with a knife. When he returns to the fort, having killed everyone who could recognize him except for Captain John Boyd, Ives plans to encourage Boyd down his (already started) path to cannibalism and therefore have someone to help him get away with killing people. Revealing his intent to create a cannibal ruling class with himself at the top as a messianic figure, Ives is a representation of the predatory evils of Manifest Destiny and the savagery in human nature.
  • Critical Dissonance - Audiences (the few who actually saw it when it came out) generally rated the film higher than critics did.
  • Crosses the Line Twice - Blood pours down the screen, people do despicable things, yet one can't help but think, "why is this so damn funny?" The secret's in the score.
    • "White man eats the body of Jesus Christ every Sunday."
  • Faux Symbolism: Theres a lot of Christ references surrounding Ives which don't make a lot of sense and not even the director or the actor can satisfactorily explain.
  • Ho Yay - Boyd and Ives got a lot of it, especially since there's no other love interest in sight. And they end up dying lying on top of each other in a forced embrace...yowza.
    • Doubles as Foe Yay
    • To a lesser extent, Reich towards Toffler
  • Magnificent Bastard - Ives, again. It's hard not to love the guy.
  • Special Effect Failure - When the party is heading to the cave, there's a shot of them walking through the woods, where Colqhoun slips on a patch of snow. The patch then lifts off the ground and slides a few inches, as it's actually a swatch of cotton. This effect is only really used for wide or fleeting shots, though, and every other shot with characters walking through the snow has much more realistic effects.