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YMMV: Rational Wiki
  • Anvilicious: Averted, mostly. Even the articles on religion seem to at least respect it as long as it isn't raging fundamentalism.
  • Critical Research Failure: Some articles are very obvious Take Thats, justified with Rule of Funny. Some articles are very obvious Take Thats that completely misrepresent the people they're written about, though they are usually eventually corrected.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: "Indigo child" is not to be confused with "In dingo child", which is what your child might become if you misplace it in Australia."
  • Growing the Beard: The site started out as just a mocking opposite of Conservapedia, made to be as deliberately obnoxious and overly left-wing as possible. However once it moved on from its obsession with Conservapedia and gained a more well-researched, Deadpan Snarker tone, it the site became much more enjoyable and helpful.
  • Not So Different: In some cases, to Conservapedia. Significantly more useful, but will bend over backwards to toe the ideological line.
    • Actually subverted for the most part, since they place pro-science above all else, meaning they don't have to "bend over backwards" when research is on their side. They will quickly turn on liberals and left-wingers who are anti-science or hold extreme/incorrect views. At the end of the day even the harshest view of them can see that they aren't nearly as far to the left as Conservaepdia is to the right.

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