YMMV / RG Veda

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In the fourth chapter, Ashura asks to know their mother but Yasha tells them they'll go to her as soon as Yasha takes care of Taishakuten. So, in the meantime, Ashura decides that Yasha can be their mother!
    Yasha: What?
  • Cry for the Devil: Despite all the horrible things he did, Taishakuten's life is an empty one: he has all Tenkai's riches and power in his hands, everyone fears his power and obey him but everything is junk for him after losing Ashura-oh and he just lives to fullfil the only promise he made in his life to the only man he loved. That's actually quite sad.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Taishaku-ten is an asshole, but he's damn stylish and VERY effective.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Taishakuten does plenty wrong through the story, but when he had Karura's sister Karyoubinga taken out of her safe haven to have her sing at a party where she died from her illness AND afterwards had her remains fed to his pet animals, it was enough to send Karura over the edge. Everyone, even his loyal servants, are horrified by such deed.
    • The former Tentei also does this when he locks away his sister/lover Sonseiou and their incestuous child, Kujaku, leaving them to rot since they're the proof of how he commited incest. That would ultimately cause Sonseiou to lose her mind and kill herself to not end up killing Kujaku instead, and completely screwed up Kujaku's life.
  • Shocking Swerve: Lady Kendappa is the last of bloodthirsty Four Generals. W.. T... F?!
    • Actually, it makes kinda of sense. If she's one of the Six Stars, that were supposed to be strong fighters so "the true Ashura" could absorbe their powers, Kendappa needed to be one of the elite in terms of strenght. Also, she rightfully inherited the titule after her father's (the former fouth general) death and she did prove to be freaking strong.