YMMV / Quirky Misadventures Of Soldine The Cyborg

  • Chaotic Evil - Handsome Rogue's behaviour is random to say the least, and he seems to enjoy murdering innocent people.
  • Chaotic Good - Soldine, despite being a brutal and belligerent warrior, is really protective of innocent people and actively eliminates all monsters that threaten them. He's also on friendly terms with Orangeman, the rest of his team and other benign monsters.
  • Chaotic Neutral - Madic. He is obviously insane, and his behaviour is erratic and misguided rather than openly hostile. Also, he's never been seen to attack unprovoked.
  • Lawful Evil - Dr. Schadenfreude. Composed, methodical, malevolent.
  • Lawful Neutral - Energineer is a vigilante. He fights evil Monsters and only evil Monsters. However, his reason to do that is because of revenge and hatred rather than willingness to protect others from harm.
  • Narm Charm - Let's face it. It's G-mod.
  • Neutral Evil - Robosol and Team ZOM are obviously malevolent, but they just focus on doing their job.
  • Neutral Good - Orangeman.
  • Padding
    • The sequence between the intro and the main fight of Soldine vs. Madic is rather drawn-out, as is Madic's flashback sequence after the brawl.
    • While Necropolis, the first part of the Versus Vagineer trilogy, avoided most of the padding of its predecessor and turned out dynamic and action-packed, its direct sequel Soldine vs. Robosol features an overly lengthy sequence depicting what happens in Soldine's house before the main fight of the episode. The author had realised it only some time after publishing the mini-movie and decided to make the following Operation: Vagineer as streamlined as possible.
  • Tear Jerker - Orangeman's unexpected death in Endgame.