YMMV: Quincy

  • Anvilicious: Particularly in the later seasons, nearly every episode took on a "cause" of some sort. Whether ghost surgery, advertising alcohol on TV, Drugs Are Bad, or fraternity hazing, there was always some cause-of-the-week that the show tried to hammer home its message about as unsubtly as possible.
    • It didn't help that Quincy (and in one episode Asten) was not above delivering speeches about the subject.
  • Seasonal Rot: Quite a few people find the later seasons less enjoyable because of their tendency towards preachiness.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: "What Happened To Morris Perlmutter?", in which a gripping murder mystery is inexplicably sidelined in favour of a PSA about the title character's hearing for almost the entire episode. (Why yes, this is from the final season, how'd you guess?)
    • That is to say, the murder that opens the episode is quickly shoved to the sidelines. A blood test against a possible suspect turns out negative, until it's revealed the suspect is anemic and requires frequent blood transfusions, which caused the negative result... then nothing. That little discovery ends the murder story and it's not touched upon again.