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!!YMMV tropes present in the book:

* CrowningMomentOfAwesome: Modesty Rabnott saving a Golden Snidget and releasing it back to get to the wild. She was fined and lost her house, but she still saved the snidget, went on to continue protesting the treatment of the poor creatures and set a precedent that persisted for over a century. They even named a nature reserve for her!
* CrowningMomentOfFunny:
** One of them being a player proposing to the other team's captain after being defeated by her team. She replies by hitting him with her broomstick.
** Some of the {{Obvious Rule Patch}}es are hilarious. For example, you're not allowed to decapitate a Keeper with a broadsword, attempt to murder the referee, or turn a Chaser into a polecat. Yes, Quidditch has ''rules'' against that.
** Then there's the [[GrumpyBear Marsh Witch]]'s diary, which consists entirely of Tuesdays. The book quips that the only[[note]] non-Quidditch related[[/note]] interesting information to be gleaned from it is that she seemed to only know a single day of the week.
** The "Starfish on a Stick" position is described as a wizard hanging from their broomstick by one hand and one foot, splaying all their limbs out to defend as large an area as possible. The author then adds "[[SchmuckBait The 'Starfish Without a Stick' should never be attempted]]."
** In the introduction, Dumbledore shares his advice about not mistreating Madame Pince's library books. He once absentmindedly doodled in a borrowed book, and the book retaliated by beating him on the head.
** The Chudley Cannons used to be a formidable team with the motto "We Shall Conquer". After decades of being laughably awful, they officially changed their motto to "Let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best."
* FridgeHorror: The infamous Quidditch match of 1492 broke every rule that has ever been written for Quidditch. As the above states, the rules include "no murdering the referee" and "no decapitating a keeper with a broadsword". There is a disturbingly good chance that ''these'' rules were broken. And do any of the rules involve attacking the audience?
* MexicansLoveSpeedyGonzales: There are real life Americans that'd like to watch a real game of Quodpot.
* ParanoiaFuel: Dumbledore can't guarantee that he's removed ''all'' the anti-vandalism curses on this book, so treating it roughly may result in Madame Pince appearing in your home and demanding a heavy fine.
* TheWoobie: The Chudley Cannons have a laughably bad track record throughout their history, to the point where it's just kind of sad.
* WoobieSpecies: The Golden Snidget nearly went extinct because wizards hunted it for sport and crushed them to death in nearly every Quidditch match.