YMMV: Queensr˙che

  • Broken Base: A pretty noticeable one developed during the two-Queensr˙ches period (June 2012 - April 2014) between fans of Geoff's version of the band and the other version of the band. It's too early to tell whether the news that Tate has lost the right to perform under the Queensr˙che name will cause this to fade away, however.
  • Covered Up: Not many people remember that "Gonna Get Close to You" is a cover, originally by Lisa Dalbello.
  • Epic Riff: A lot of them on Operation: Mindcrime in particular, but many of the non-ballad songs have an epic riff.
  • Fan Nickname: Tater˙che, Scabsr˙che, Faker˙che and Queenswrëck for the Tate-fronted version, and Toddr˙che for the LaTorre-fronted version.
    • Eddie's nick is Edbass (or One Take), Wilton's is Whip (based on one of his teachers commenting that his fingers would "whip" around the fretboard), Scott's is SRock, and Tate's (not in a good way) is Vest.
    • Former guitarist Kelly Gray is known to some as Oven Mitts for his tendency to mangle Chris DeGarmo's solos.
  • Internet Backdraft: Just look at the reactions to the Cabaret shows and Dedicated To Chaos. GOD.
    • Geoff seemed to do something to cause this every week or so during the period when there were two bands. Any time a new interview or news story involving him came out, you could expect a flood of people ranting about how horrible he is and calling his version of Queensr˙che a fraud, and a few Geoff supporters claiming the rest of the band screwed him over and accusing them of being a glorified cover band without him. Each side would then accuse the other of secretly being paid cronies, family members and/or actual band members for the faction they were supporting, at which point either mods would step in or war would break out. It still happens to some extent, but not nearly as frequently or virulently now that the whole "who's the real Queensryche" thing has been resolved.
  • Moment of Awesome: Geoff Tate sings the "National Anthem"
  • Magnum Opus: They either had the album that made them progressive metal legends, Operation Mindcrime, or the more straight forward and commercially successful, Empire.
    • Rage For Order and Promised Land are also strong contenders.
  • Mis-blamed: Many fans blame DeGarmo's departure for the general quality of albums slumping, but don't have much love for DeGarmo's last album Hear in the Now Frontier.note  Admittedly, they don't tend to despise it as much as later albums.
  • Paranoia Fuel: It's decidedly not recommended to listen to Rage for Order late at night, or at least keep one hand near the tone arm/skip button.
    I'm so close to you...
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Guitarist Parker Lundgren was generally viewed as just another member of Geoff Tate's entourage when he joined as a touring musician in 2009, being engaged to the latter's stepdaughter and having previously toured in his solo band. Since Tate was fired in 2012, Lundgren has become a full-time band member and drawn praise from fans for faithfully matching Chris DeGarmo's guitar tone onstage. (He's also split up with Tate's stepdaughter.)
    • For some fans, the band as a whole rescued themselves when they fired Tate and returned to something closer to their original style with the self-titled album.
  • Sequelitis: Most critics and fans consider Operation: Mindcrime II to be nowhere near as good as the original.
  • Tear Jerker: Pretty much all of American Soldier, but especially "Home Again."
  • Yoko Oh No: Many fans feel that the band took a downturn in fortunes when lead singer Geoff Tate's wife, Susan, took over management duties. Michael Wilton confirmed the fans' worst fears with his legal testimony after the band fired Tate.