YMMV / Quasar

  • My Real Daddy: Wendell Vaughn was created by Roy Thomas, John Buscema, and Don Glut, but the reason anyone remembers him is because of Mark Gruenwald.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Avril Kincaid. Not only are Wendell's fans upset that he's not donning the bands again for... reasons, but Phyla-Vell fans are pissed that she isn't coming back after being off'd by Thanos. Not helping matters is the fact that Marvel released a promo about the return of a character for Avengers Standoff, with a symbol that people saw as a streamlined Nova or Quasar symbol, so they assumed it would feature the return of either Richard Rider, Wendell Vaughn or Phyla-Vell, and instead get a new character taking up the Quasar mantle. Adding to this is that Avril was introduced during a period when Marvel was increasingly being criticized for not having any leading LGBT characters, causing some fans to complain that it was a waste to create a brand new female Quasar instead of just bringing back Phyla, who was one of Marvel's few lesbian superheroes.
    • Before Avril, Wendell fans pointed their hatred at Phyla-Vell, which led Dan Abnett to turn her into Martyr and bring back Wendell from the dead.