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YMMV: Pygmalion
  • Death of the Author: Shaw's original intent for the ending has been mostly ignored for decades by people (including the original cast) who saw all the subtext and thought that Eliza and Higgins were meant to have a happily ever after ending with each other instead of Eliza becoming an independent woman. Shaw was incensed by this, especially when the performer for Higgins in the opening production essentially told him to shut up and be happy with the money he's making:
    Sir Tree: "My ending makes money: You ought to be grateful."
    Shaw: "Your ending is damnable: You ought to be shot."
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: George Bernard Shaw actually expressed annoyance with so many people shipping Eliza with Henry Higgins. He added an essay to the 1916 print edition, "What Happened Afterwards" (Eliza married Freddy and they opened a flower shop) where he describes why they will never get together.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Very famously. Relates to Fan-Preferred Couple.

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