YMMV / Project Superpowers

    Project Superpowers 
  • Anvilicious: Krueger and Ross are not terribly subtle about their hatred of neoconservatism, particularly in the Black Terror series.
  • Awesome Art: Nearly every issue in the two main series and all the miniseries comes with a gorgeous Alex Ross cover, and many of the issues include supplements with Ross' character sketches.
    Hero Killers 
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: It's s dark-comedy parody of superhero comics, but instead of using expies of more famous characters, the series employs the public-domain characters from Project Superpower. Casual comic fans aren't likely to know who the hell Tim Terror, Sparky or CBJ are, let alone the rest of the heroes, and those who actually do know who these characters are probably aren't going to be thrilled with their portrayal in this series.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Sparky. A fundamentally good kid, all he wanted was to win Tim's friendship, and he's too good-natured to grasp that Tim's a bastard, and it ends up costing him dearly.