YMMV / Project Superpowers

  • Fetish Fuel: In Silver Streak Comics #15, a letter column informed the readers that the original 'Devil's costume was made of rubber and that it has a zipper in the back. No word on whether or not this is true in Project Superpowers.
    • It's not. The PS 'Devil's costume is made of something else.
  • Spiritual Successor: Blackcross is this to not just the original series, but also to Ellis' newuniversal, featuring many similar themes: superhero legacies passing across dimensions, small town murders accidentally caused by emerging superpowers, FBI investigations being used to put a "realistic" spin on the superhero genre, unwilling hosts of otherworldly powers that turn out to actually be superheroes, one character who is actually told the whole story and has to explain it to others, naked blonde guy wreathed in flames, etc. etc. etc...