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YMMV: Project A-Ko
  • Base Breaker: C-ko, to an extent at least.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Pretty much the entire soundtrack to the original film.
  • Cult Classic: Though its popularity has since faded to the sands of time thanks to the prevalence of more popular anime such as Dragon Ball Z, there are many older anime fans who are grateful for this series, as for some it was their gateway to the medium to begin with.
  • Die for Our Ship: C-ko is a victim of this at times, especially with A-ko/B-ko shippers. Kei also falls victim to his in the hands of Yuri Fans.
  • Fangirl: C-ko.
  • Fanon: Although the identity of A-Ko's parents is just a Shout-Out in the series, Fan Fic based on this series almost always sets it somewhere in The DCU.
  • Foe Yay: A-Ko and B-Ko.
  • Les Yay: Sort of. In the original film, B-Ko seemed to have a rather ardent fixation on C-Ko, which was made clear in a scene in which B-Ko, bathing in a giant Roman bath, touches her breast as she thinks about C-Ko; while the lines in both the original Japanese and the dub are ambiguous in their meaning, the implication is clearly there, and is likely a holdover from its hentai origins (see Bleached Underpants on the main page). B-Ko's...affection for C-Ko was toned down in the sequels, and practically non-existent in A-Ko the VS.
    • It does arise again in one of the direct sequels, as the main characters each interrupt class in turn with their Did I Just Say That Out Loud? excitement over their spring vacation plans: B-Ko's plans apparently involve "one night of passion with C-Ko".
  • Moe: Assuming you don't hate her guts, C-ko could invoke this.
  • Porting Disaster: The original DVD release of the Movie. The master had degenerated and it's nearly unwatchable (the Laser Disc and tape versions were fine). CPM eventually released a Special Edition (completely remastered, it's the yellow cover one), which is great, but hard to find and hideously expensive.
  • The Scrappy: C-ko has a healthy hatedom, with some (at least) fans believing that she's a Creator's Pet and/or Canon Sue. Kei does too, to a lesser extent.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Miss Ayumi. You just told A-ko and B-ko to fight in the classroom. Have you forgotten that B-ko uses Powered Armor with Macross Missile Massacre missles?
  • Woolseyism: C-ko's voice is of a lower pitch in the dub, which some have taken as an improvement over the Japanese version. Becoming an Exposition Fairy is a lot better than her simply shouting "Youhou" ad naseum.

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