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YMMV: Princess Princess
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Arisada somehow, according to the author's comments in the manga.
  • FamilyUnfriendlyAesop In episode 3,"Hanging on to your pride will only way you down. So to make life easier, sometimes it's just best to go along with what other people want."
  • Ho Yay: Between Tooru and Yuujirou. It's also insinuated that Akira is Tooru's "type". Also, in the live-action drama, Mikoto and Otoya are hinted to have feelings for one another after being Locked in a Room. Helped along greatly by the fact that the mangaka moonlights as a yaoi dojin artist.
    • The sequel, Plus, basically runs on Ho Yay. Seriously, the whole thing is about the relationship between the two new princesses.
    • And the anime ending. Oh god, the anime ending. Basically a slide show of Tooru and Yuujirou doing... Funny stuff.
    • Seriously? No mention of Mitaka more or less proposing to Akira after the elections?
      Mitaka: I have something to say to you as well...
      Akira: Oh? What's that?
      Mitaka: I want to be with you, now and forever.
      (then later, after being told off by Tooru and Yuujirou)
      Mitaka: I'm sorry, Sakamoto, I phrased that poorly.
      Akira: Oh? You did? Okay...
      Mitaka: I meant to say, will you have' me with you now and forever?
      Yuujirou and Tooru: THAT'S THE SAME THING!!
  • Periphery Demographic: According to Tsuda in an author's note, she was surprised how many letters she got from girls telling her how much the men in their lives loved the series.

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