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YMMV: Princess Debut
  • Ear Worm - Most of the songs are well-known classical or contemporary tunes, and you'll recognize most of them even if you don't recognize the title. This is followed by a song refusing to leave your head for the rest of the week.
  • Fridge Horror - Well, more like Fridge Depression. Getting Tony's ending may leave you feeling bad about dancing with him while wearing the witch hat.
  • Fridge Logic - In Tony's ending, he said the only way to break the spell was to dance with a princess at the Ball in Saint-Lyon and win first place. But you're not really a princess, so how did the spell break, exactly...?
    • The same way the prince's spell could have been broken in Disney's The Princess and the Frog: it doesn't have to be a princess by birth; a princess by official title works just as well.
  • Friend to All Living Things - Kiefer.
  • Guide Dang It / That One Boss - Luciano leaves about halfway through the game. Getting him to come back so you can get his ending has caused many headaches.
  • Narm Charm
  • Periphery Demographic - The game is most likely directed at younger girls, but it's one of very few Dating Sim games in the U.S., so...

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