YMMV / Priest

Priest Manhwa YMMVs

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Vascar De Guillon and Betheal Gavarre: Victims of uncontrollable circumstance, or victims of karma?
  • Awesome Art: The unique and distinct art style, which mixes incredibly angular character drawings, negative space, heavy contrast of light & shadow, and minimalist shading to create visuals unlike any other Manhwa (or Manga for that matter) on the market. The closest comparison that can be made is that of a mix between the stylish-yet-detailed artwork of Trigun with the stark shadows seen in the original Hellsing TV anime. (and even then, it still looks like its own unique product by comparison.)
  • Counterpart Comparison: Ivan Isaacs is often compared to Alucard, mostly for cosmetic reasons.
    • Thanks to backstory similarities (and his overall tortured past), he's also sometimes compared to Guts.
  • Creepy Awesome: The series as a whole has plenty of this going for it. Main protagonist Ivan Isaacs is the series' most prominent example, however.
  • Critical Research Failure: The chainsaw at the end of Vol 8./beginning of Vol. 9. To say "that's not accurate!" is an understatement.
  • Cry for the Devil: Some fans react this way to either Vascar De Guillon or Betheal Gavarre's backstories. Some even react this way to both.
  • Despair Event Horizon: A central theme here, going hand-in-hand with History Repeats.
    • Vascar De Guillon has his beliefs absolutely destroyed when his wife dies of an unprecedented disease that the doctors and priests deem to be of Satanic origin. It only gets worse when his faith in God is broken even further by Temozarela's recounting of past events, and his realization that he and the Fallen Angel are apparently Not So Different.
    • Betheal Gavarre loses his grip when he witnesses the aftermath of his adoptive son Matthew's brutal murder of one of the women at the monastery. After that, he passes the point of no return when he strangles Matthew to death, only to realize that his son was under Temozarela's influence. If that doesn't convince you, he then decides to accept his circumstances and give up on his life, sacrificing himself to the Devil in order to get revenge on Temozarela.
    • Ivan Isaacs outright loses his mind during the events of Temozarela's attempted resurrection, which turn everything he believes in upside-down and result in the deaths of both his Love Interest and himself. After his resurrection at the hands of Belial, he apparently experiences mental/emotional shock so bad that he attempts to go back to his old town to live a normal life with Gena 's corpse, and subsequently suffers an intense psychological breakdown that culminates in him going on a grief-induced rampage and killing all of the now-undead residents of his town. His mental stability only continues to worsen from that point on, until he's nothing more than a faithless, remorseless, sociopathic lone-wolf whose only pleasure left in life is violence and killing.
  • Growing the Beard: Volume 3, as noted by Mike Carey.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Lots.
  • Tear Jerker: The conclusion of Nera's arc is easily the most depressing thing in the series.
    • The latter half of Ivan's backstory is pure Tear Jerker material. The sequence in particular where he finally loses it is almost on-par with Nera's arc in terms of just how sorry you feel for him.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: Many less-informed haters of the series who've only read the first volume & 1/2 worth of chapters tend to conclude that the series is this to Hellsing. note 
    • Jossed: Hellsing's first chapter was released in late 1997, less than a year before the original run for Priest started in Korea. At first blush, this fact seems to prove the Hate Dumb right...until one realizes that these were the years each series was released in their respective countries. Hellsing may technically predate Priest as far as the series' initial release date goes, but neither series was translated/distributed in other countries until the early 2000s. In other words, by the time the first volume of Hellsing was available for Hyung Min-woo (and anyone else) to read in Korea, several volumes of Priest had already been completed & were being sold within the country. note