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YMMV: Powers
  • Tearjerker: In Powers: Bureau, Deena and her then-partner get some Powers semen spilled on them. He ends up dying as a mutant Enfant Terrible rips out of his gut, but Deena is cleared by a doctor. But when she and Walker later catch the guy who was dealing the stuff, he spooks Deena into going back and seeing the doctor again. So she does, and is very surprised to find out that she's now pregnant. She doesn't tell anyone, but when she's later physically attacked by another Power a few weeks later, she ends up losing the baby. Christian takes her home and asks why she didn't tell him she was pregnant, and risk dying like her former partner, and she replies "Because...I really wanted it." The issue closes with Deena, who's rarely shed a tear throughout the series, crying into her pillow as Christian tries to comfort her.

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