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YMMV: Power Of The Soul
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Too many to list, but here's a few examples:
    Roy: "Fate holds no power over me. I refuse to accept whatever hand fate deals me. I will forge my own path, one no one has ever tread before. That path is my own; a path of light through the darkness."
    Charon: "So, is it atonement you seek, or is it revenge? You are responsible for the deaths of all your friends. Guardian, murderer, pacifist, warrior. You are all these things, yet you are none of them. You tread a unique, lonely path, alone in the void. You have always stood alone, just as you always will."
    Roy: "...I want to be forgiven. Knowing who and what I am..." I said, looking down at my hands, "Atoning is all I can do. So, for them, I'll kill you...and save the world!" I shouted, charging at him.

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