YMMV / Pong

  • Follow the Leader: Given it was one of the earliest video games ever made, and certainly the first one to achieve success, Pong ended up becoming one of the most heavily cloned video games of its day. There were dozens of mini-"consoles" made which featured variations of the game (i.e. Tournament 1000 by Unisonic, APF TV Fun, the Wonder Wizard, the Radio Shack TV Scoreboard, Sears Super Pong Tele-Game, Colorsport VIII, the Ricochet, TV-4 4-Way Video Game, Volley VI, Coleco Telestar/Telestar Arcade, etc.) Even Nintendo's very first game device, Color TV Game 6, was a Pong clone. Even the Fairchild Channel F and RCA Studio II, the first game systems to use cartridges, had a Pong game made for them.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: *bloop*...*bloop*...bloop*...
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: This game doesn't seem all that mind blowing like it did back in The '70s, does it? It doesn't help that the game is best controlled with dials, while most remakes rely on a d-pad or mouse.