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YMMV: Police Quest
  • Anticlimax Boss: In Police Quest 3, when you raid the crack house, you shoot a mook and Michael Bains immediately surrender.
  • Anvilicious: It is Police Quest after all. The law is the law in this game.
    • So much the game was criticized because players would act the way they saw police officers behave on TV or in movies; when in real life, that gets you and others severely hurt or even killed. There were even people saying why you couldn't just take out your gun and shoot everyone.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The credits music for SWAT 2, Just Another Day in LA, captures the essence of the game perfectly.
    • The soundtracks for PQ1VGA and PQ3 are excellent, due to being composed by Jan Hammer. (Yes, that Jan Hammer.)
  • Breather Level: After a tough training level in 'SWAT 2'' and several call outs including one based on the North Hollywood shoot out your element is called out to a airport sniper. Hands down the easiest level in the game, the most difficult part is trying to apprehend the woman who is with the sniper, or whether or not to authorize paying a ransom. Arresting the sniper and clearing the level without a shot fired and top marks is Easier Than Easy.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In PQ2 when you hit pause you get a screen saying that every cop needs a break now and then. The unpause option on the screen? The words: "Let's roll!" It doesn't seem like much until you happen to pause the game as you try to defeat the terrorists on the airplane.
  • Game Breaker / Good Bad Bugs: Selling the sidearms of your unused team members in SWAT 2 will solve all your financial problems.
    • A minor Good Bad Bug in the original game means it's possible to score 246 out of 245.
    • In PQI VGA (this probably depends on the version), when you get into a car accident, the game informed you that you died, and simply rewinds you.
    • In SWAT 4, you can get penalized for shooting suspects (depending on the circumstance). Your AI partners and snipers don't!
    • In PQIV, it is possible to question the first witness on the scene right before he walks away. The conversation will carry on, even when he leaves the screen.
      • You can point your gun at people for a game over. However, you can aim away from the person and open fire and the game still implies that you shot them. Sometimes your gun will go to the side of the person's face, over their head, or even just bang the gun up the door.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: There's not a whole lot of games these days that would outright allow you to play as terrorists as SWAT 2 did.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: There was an occasion in PQII where Sonny had the option to call a SWAT team to storm a motel room, but the highlight is how Sonny called in a SWAT team at a crack house, just to open the door with a tank, and run in by himself to disarm the thugs before a SWAT team can get there. In PQ SWAT 2, he has done a much better job in following procedure, and even commands a SWAT unit in 4.
  • Ho Yay: Implied with Carey and Nobiles if you click the hand icon on Nobiles in certain screens.
  • Moral Event Horizon: There is one level in Swat 4 that involves a cult. Investigating the basement reveals an underground grave yard for babies! Naturally, they're more evil than the terrorists.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Driving in Police Quest III. To accelerate, click in front of the car. To slow down, click at the rear of the car. Each click either increase or decrease speed by 5 mph. Sound easy? At least until you realize you have no idea what's ahead of you. Your car is displayed inside a small square. The rest of the screen is filled with a useless view of you driving, without the windshield. The map only give your overall position and doesn't tell how close or far you are to a turn. Too often, you'll end up driving off road or missing your street/parking entrance. In the end it's better to just drive at very low speed. Have fun!
    • Driving in the remake of the first game wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs either.
    • The problem isn't so much that it wasn't programmed well (though it could have been like PQII or a later game: PQIV, where you just have to type in or choose a destination, or PQI where you have greater control over your driving), and the music that accompanies the mechanic is quite good. The problem is that it can get quite tedious and boring after a while, and it gets quite droning when you have to go back and forward on destinations. You do have a map system in PQI VGA and PQIII, which does help a little.
      • Averted in the original though, where you had free, open-world like control over your vehicle.
  • Spiritual Licensee: SWAT 3 and 4 would have made a great set of sequels to RainbowSix3.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: It looks like Sonny forgot to zip up his jeans in PQ 2.
    • Marie has the weirdest, jiggling set of flat breasts you'd ever see in any graphical text adventure game (at least when viewing her from the front).
  • The Woobie: Officer Jack, as he suffers depression for learning that his daughter, Kathy, is using cocaine and his wife is ready to leave him due to his drinking problem. On the day of his birthday no less! He does get cheered up thanks to his friends, but he's even worse later as he learns that Kathy is in a coma for a overdose. And later, Sgt Dooley informs you that she died.

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