YMMV / Pokéumans

  • Alternative Character Interpretation/ Adaptational Badass: Satoshi Tajiri. Turns out he's Mew.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Several group members have become known for their sheer weirdness in storywriting. Spoonerdog123 has been nicknamed 'The Mistress of Mental' for her fine work in the field with the Ares and Just Another Story spinoffs, but some like TheEeveeWarrior aren't exactly known for their sanity either.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The creation of the Pokemon franchise in-universe, as described in the group Skype chat:
    Eclipse Army: Though, can we just stop and realize what a stroke of genius the pokemon franchise would be in universe?
    Man-In-Crowd-4: Go on
    Eclipse Army: Just think about it. Before the 90s, for over 50 years, pokextinction was actively fighting against horrible monsters with super powers that had alien biology and seemed to be transformations of the youth without rhyme or reason.
    Eclipse Army: Then the 90s hit, and mew manages to rebrand the entire thing, and instead of monsters, with have cuddly, friendly, pokemon.
    Eclipse Army: Suddenly it's no longer a war for survival by pokextinction, and they're the horrible bad guys because they're beating up on teenagers who have turned into their favorite video game characters.
    Eclipse Army: No longer is pokeumans recruiting people for their counter revolution, they're instead recruiting people to control their pokemon powers and play games and have fun.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: Oh. Ohhh. You're right. That's genius.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: I'd be scared of being an Ampharos if I'd never seen one before.
    Eclipse Army: Exactly.
    Eclipse Army: There'd be a thick layer of fear from the unknown making everything so much more unstable.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: Now they can peddle the 'You've seen all those amazing powers they have in the games? Those powers are now YOURS!' angle, which will at least tone down the nervous edge.
    Eclipse Army: But no, Mew is a genius and comes up with a family friendly way to standardize the entire thing.
    Eclipse Army: and launches it out of japan, which I imagine is a rebel strong hold.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: Brilliant.
    Eclipse Army: And manages to make it so that despite the fact Pokextinction is thoroughly entrenched in governments, they can't just deny a cultural trend out of japan
    Man-In-Crowd-4: Because it's a worldwide franchise.
    Eclipse Army: And that's what Mew's been doing for the last couple of decades.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: It's entertainment, not propaganda.
    Eclipse Army: He single handedly changed the face of the war.
    Man-In-Crowd-4: I can now imagine the Commanders of Pokextinction's responses when they saw the games and that things like Arcanine - a six-foot fire-breathing monstrous husky dog - is being portrayed as something you could have sleep at the foot of your bed.
    Eclipse Army: Exactly.
  • Memetic Mutation: The joke-canon series Just Another Story prompted a few of these, of which the most prominent is probably 'Hawaiian pizza'.
    • The use of the phrase 'You're one of them' can be considered this.
    • Discussed in the Pokémon Showdown tourney after one of the users neglected the battle.
    Man-in-crowd-4: Waiting 50 mins for everything should be a group meme.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Monster by the user Theeeveewarrior won the award for Most Horrific story of 2013 in the group awards ceremony, and for good reason.
    • The story before this (Nightmare) is much shorter and much less horrific, but still pretty terrifying. Also, Unspeakable Atrocities and the original version of Subject-III's Story, which apparently had reviewers being sick upon reading.
  • Pet Peeve Trope/ Discredited Trope: Some tropes were overused in early stories and still are to the point of becoming group cliches, and some stories can become a flat-out Cliché Storm Note :
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Some early stories in the group have been called 'rehashes of the group cliches' when they in fact were the ones that developed the concepts in the group in the first place, and are still ok thanks to the Grandfather Clause.
  • Woobie: How much we're meant to feel sorry for the hero despends on the focus of the story and what the character's like.