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YMMV: Pokeumans
  • Alternative Character Interpretation/ Adaptational Badass: Satoshi Tajiri. Turns out he's Mew.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Talented as he is, The Eevee Warrior isn't exactly known for normality.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Mike successfully nailing his Groudon transfirmation. He celebrates by tearing up Evil Cameron - almost literally.
    • AB also gets one when he successfully forms a giant Aura Sphere and uses it to blast Dialga, the Lord of Time, in the face.
  • Memetic Mutation: The joke-canon series Just Another Story prompted a few of these, of which the most prominent is probably 'Hawaiian pizza'.
    • The use of the phrase 'You're one of them' can be considered this.
    • Discussed in the Pokémon Showdown tourney after one of the users neglected the battle.
    Man-in-crowd-4: Waiting 50 mins for everything should be a group meme.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Monster by the user Theeeveewarrior won the award for Most Horrific story of 2013 in the group awards ceremony, and for good reason.
    • The story before this (Nightmare) is much shorter and much less horrific, but still pretty terrifying. Also, Unspeakable Atrocities and the original version of Subject-III's Story, which apparently had reviewers being sick upon reading.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Some early stories in the group have been called 'rehashes of the group cliches' when they in fact were the ones that pioneered the concepts in the group in the first place, and are still ok thanks to the Grandfather Clause.
  • Woobie: How much we're meant to feel sorry for the hero despends on the focus of the story and what the character's like.

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