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YMMV: Pokémon Heroes
  • Animation Age Ghetto: By changing the backstory drastically and making the villains members of Team Rocket, many fans would agree that this would be the first black spot for the anime.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Annie and Oakley.
  • Moe: Latias.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: 4Kids Entertainment may have changed a lot of anime and films to suit the target audience of under 12-year-olds, but changing the backstory to turn Lati@s into a superhero duo by including a supervillain with two evil Pokémon has many fans claim that they went too far. Another controversial change is making Annie and Oakley members of Team Rocket and bent on taking over the world rather than an independent duo bent on only conquering Alto Mare. These changes are often pointed out as a reason why the anime does not care on the older fanbase, and was considered one of the most controversial films until the release of Genesect And The Legend Awakened a decade later.
  • Fix Fic: At least one fanfic has Latios being brought back to life.

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