YMMV: Pokémon Heroes

  • Evil Is Sexy: Annie and Oakley.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Alto Mare is a pretty popular choice of places used in fanfics. Being based on Venice no doubt helps its cause.
  • Fix Fic: For any works involving the Eon Duo in the anime, it has become a particular common trend to either bring Latios brought back to life or avert his Heroic Sacrifice. Here's an example former and the latter.
  • Les Yay: Annie and Oakley.
  • Moe: Latias.
  • The Woobie: Latias. She's beaten up by Espeon, Ariados and Aerodactyl, nearly drowned, and loses her brother in less than twelve hours.
    • Latios, too. He gets curbstomped by the aforementioned Pokemon to protect his sister, is put through Cold-Blooded Torture by Annie and Oakley, and ends up dying to protect Alto Mare.