YMMV / Point Pleasant

  • Better on DVD: They've released the entire first season on DVD, and it is definitely better. It has the unaired episodes as well, so that helps.
  • The Firefly Effect
  • Scapegoat Creator: This show's failure may be part of the reason why Marti Noxon has such a large hatedom among certain fans of Buffy, who blame her for much of the Seasonal Rot that went on in that show's last two seasons. To them, Point Pleasant's failure "confirmed" what they believed about her being incapable of running a show.
  • Snark Bait: During the show's brief run, New Jerseyans took a great deal of pleasure pointing out and mocking the show's lack of research as to what the Jersey Shore was like.
  • X Meets Y:invoked Early ads for this show advertised it as "The Omen meets The O.C.," a comparison also used on this very page.