YMMV / Plastic Man

  • Adaptation Displacement
  • Moment of Awesome: As Eel O'Brian. In one story where the members of the Justice League were separated into two halves, their "civilian" and "super" personas, Eel was the one who got the "civilian" team together, including having to knock some sense into Bruce Wayne by pistol-whipping him and chewing him out. And finally, when the chips were down against the superpowered forms, Eel rallied the troops to challenge the nigh-omnipotent villains. "Who Dares Stand Against Us?" "We do."
    • In Injustice: Gods Among Us, he manages to get his son and all the prisoners (both heroes and villains) from Regime's (Knight Templar Fallen Hero Justice League led be Superman) underwater prison, which is definetely not a Cardboard Prison. With only one casualty (Kilowog)!
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Not in the main continuity, but in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Plastic Man's gone off the deep end after being in a compression chamber for a couple decades, and he doesn't limit himself when utilizing his powers. Batman is extremely cautious when approaching him and says something to the effect of "He could kill us all if we piss him off." His face and demeanor when he's released are quite jarring.
    • The debut of the New 52 Plas. Brrrrr....
  • Tearjerker: Mixed with Heartwarming Moments is Plastic Man and Batman dealing with his son.