YMMV / Pizza

  • Acceptable Targets: No event in Australia escapes this show's eye when it comes to satire. Special mention goes to the Cronulla Riots, which in Pizza, is caused by a mix of Habib's thick accent and Davo's interview, with the media splicing it all up to stir up the riots.
    • The Tax Office. Bobo blows it up. No one cares.
    • John Howard (when he's not busy being George Bush's toady) tries to get away with not paying for his pizza. He doesn't live long enough to regret it.
  • Crowning Momentof Heartwarming: In the final episode, Bobo reveals that he actually considers Pauly to be the best worker he's ever had. Or course, compared to his other employees...
    • During one of the Pizza World Tours, Rocky and Toula start spending more and more time together. Pauly tricks them into getting married in Las Vegas and Rocky admits that he kind of enjoyed it.
  • Fan Nickname: People usually refer to the show as "Fat Pizza", even though the show is just titled "Pizza".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Pauly's baby cousin gets possessed by a demon at one point, and grows FANGS and starts eating people.