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YMMV: Pippin
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: It's very easy to add different interpretations to The Leading Player, especially if they're played by different genders. For example, some versions with a female Leading Player portray her as a vamp and as a Veronica to Catherine's Betty.
    • The Troper once saw a production with a male Leading Player whose interactions with Catherine made it clear that that the two were in a possibly abusive relationship. This made his anger with Catherine's part much creepier and her adoration of Pippin's kindness much more desperate and sad.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Corner of the Sky" and "Magic To Do", full stop.
  • Ear Worm: "MAGIC TO DO".
    • "Oh, it's time to start livin'! Time to take a little from this world we're given!"
  • Evil Is Sexy: Fastrada, obviously. But to a lesser extent, Leading Player. Whether played by a man or woman his/her choreography is usually quite sexual, not surprising since this show was originally directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse.
  • Funny Aneurysm Line: "'When you're as old as I, my dear, and I hope you never are..."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The lyric "Sages tweet that age is sweet" from "No Time At All" has a new context with the advent of Twitter. This might also count as Have a Gay Old Time.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "Glory" is a juxtaposition of catchy music and surreal gore that can be extremely unsettling when handled skillfully.
    • When Catherine starts to break character: "He touched my face—the others never did that." Wait, others? Just how many "Pippins" have been led to their doom?
  • One-Scene Wonder: Berthe is in one scene and has one song. And yet her song is among the most famous in the musical, and she often gets the most applause at curtain calls.
    • More precisely, Berthe is in only one scene, but the player who acts the Berthe part may appear briefly at other points (such as the graduation scene) and joins the rest of the troupe for the Grand Finale.
    • Andrea Martin's turn as Berthe in the revival was so great that they gave her a line in "Magic To Do"... specifically "Humor, handled by a master".
  • Surprise Creepy: Depending on what you think of the earlier parts of the show, the Lead Player's behavior towards Catherine when she first appears and the entire Finale may be shocking and unsettling.

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