YMMV / Pilot Candidate

  • Angst? What Angst?: Erts seems to care little about his brother's death. But he's kind of emotionless to begin with.
  • Awesome Music: If there is one thing viewers will consider good in this series, it was Tomoyuki Asakawa's fantastic score.
  • Critical Research Failure: No, planets are NOT stars!
  • Ho Yay: Expect no less from the author of D.N.Angel. To begin with, the scene where Zero and Hiead meet. That classic situation where one party (Zero) is going too fast and ends up falling on top of the other (Hiead) and accidentaly straddles their hips. And in the last episode, Hiead saves Zero from Victim for reasons he doesn't even try to explain.
    • Don't forget Ernest. He was in love with his best friend Gareas, who was completely oblivious to his feelings. But that didn't stop Ernest from loving him and pulling a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Gareas.
  • Narm: While Ernest's death is genuinely sad, how the characters react to it either range from a lack of emotion to over the top cheese. The hilariously bad English dub certainly didn't help.