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YMMV: Pikmin
  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • What if the Waterwraith is just a lonely woobie who wants to play?
    • Olimar is frequently told off by the ship for not giving Louie proper instructions on how to navigate the planet. Disregarding the fact that it's used as a method to explain controls to the player, one can only wonder if Olimar, who is otherwise so on top of things, privately believes that Louie will slow him down.
    • Was Louie accidentally left behind on the Pikmin planet, or did he intentionally choose to stay?
    • Did the Plasm Wraith capture Olimar For the Evulz or was it legitimately caring for him and was just overprotective?
  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • The original final boss of the first game, the Emperor Bulblax, becomes this in the second game. All you have to do is throw a bunch of Pikmin — they don't even have to be purple — at it, and it will die before it even gets the chance to attack.
    • Let's review the Raging Long Legs. On one hand, it has the most HP of any boss in the game. On the other hand it is horribly slow, and unlike its "lesser" version, the Beady Long Legs, it can be attacked at any time due to its massive size, which also makes it nearly impossible to miss. At worst, you may lose Pikmin if you don't clear out during one of its retaliatory rampages, which are very telegraphed and easy to get away from. Now consider that this is the second to last boss in the game, and boss of what is probably the hardest dungeon.
    • The Waterwraith battle. This thing has been following you through the entire dungeon, but once you've got a few purples, it's basically powerless to harm you. The second phase of the fight is actually just a big joke...
    • The Scornet Maestro in the third game. Although it commands a horde of bees, if you have a decent enough squad of Winged Pikmin, some consider the battle easier than fighting some of the normal enemies in game. It can't attack by itself, you can chip down it's Scornet squad before it can make an attack making them easily dodgeable, and even if it does capture some Pikmin, it gives you way more time to rescue them than you really need. On top of that, the Maestro suffers from the same problem the Raging Bloyster did, in that it'll only ever go after the active captain regardless if they have any Pikmin with them, meaning you can have a captain with your Pikmin sitting idly behind it, and have another act as a meat shield to devert it's attacks. Unlike the Raging Bloyster however, it won't turn around while attack even if you switch captains, allowing you to get even more free hits on the guy. There's a reason more people have higher time attack scores against it than any of the other bosses in the rankings.
    • Even the Plasm Wraith is considered this by some, since it takes place right next to the onions and it takes place over at least two days. Most players will have plenty of juice by this point, so there's almost no danger in running out of juice before you beat him. And then there's how going into the battle with nothing but Rock Pikmin makes its water attack the only one with actual threat, since electricity doesn't kill Pikmin anymore, its fire plasms can be destroyed easily, and Rock Pikmin are immune to every other attack it has.
  • Best Boss Ever:
    • The Waterwraith being an anticlimax after horrifyingly stalking you throughout the dungeon makes it one of the best bosses in Pikmin 2 to beat down.
    • In Pikmin 3, despite being That One Boss, the Mireclops is considered this by some for several reasons: It's possibly the largest creature in the series, it's a very challenging fight, and it has a cool, yet strange, design.
    • The Plasm Wraith of Pikmin 3 has received almost unanimous praise, as it is a unique boss fight, is creepy as hell, and depending on how one plays the game, is a legitimate challenge.
  • Breather Boss: The Giant Breadbug, as to be expected from a boss that doesn't even act hostile toward you. It doesn't even get the standard boss theme, instead getting a more laid-back, goofy-sounding bassoon theme.
  • Broken Base: You're much more likely to find someone who specifically enjoyed one of the first two installments than someone who enjoyed both of them, with the sequel generally attracting more fans. They're very different games and they're both very good, but the idea of a linear game on a timer is too much for exploratory players. On the other hand, the second game treats the Pikmin as much more expendable and the original foreign atmosphere is somewhat lost. Miyamoto aimed to rectify this for Pikmin 3 by combining both the resource management aspect of the first game and the exploration of the second game, though he prefers the first. Though a Vocal Minority, there are also a few people who felt Pikmin 3 focused a bit too much on the elements of Pikmin 1 instead of 2.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Spotty Bulbears, especially in the second game. They're hard enough to kill in the first game without losing a sizable chunk of your force, but in the second game they come back to life if you don't harvest their remains quickly enough. Also, they DON'T SLEEP in the second or third games; instead, they're already awake and alert, patrolling around the area, often with Dwarf Spotty Bulbears following it. And if that's not enough, they receive a resistance to Bomb Rocks in the third game.
    • Gatling Groinks as well in the second game. They fire explosive balls, the one "element" that no Pikmin is immune to. However sometimes the balls will just knock Pikmin back rather than killing them. In addition they also have armour on their face, meaning that you have to get behind them to attack them, not easy given that they are always alert and will often turn and drop some explosive death on your army. They are even worse on towers, when they have more HP and can only be reached using yellow Pikmin. The icing on the cake however is that this thing can bring itself back to life, just like the Spotty Bulbear.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mushroom Pikmin. More than a few pieces of fan art that involves the race itself has the Mushroom type added as a sort of Sixth or Seventh or Ninth Ranger (depending on how Bulbmin and 3's new types are factored in). This probably owes to their design, and how they are the closest the series has to an actual Evil Counterpart to the Pikmin. By contrast, their "successors" lack something like this: Pikmin under the control of an Antenna Beetle do not look any different at all, and Scornets aren't even the same creature as them.
  • Epileptic Trees: There are plenty of theories surrounding the nature of and possible connection between Goolix, the Waterwraith, and the Plasm Wraith. The other major theories surround the relation between Louie and the Titan Dweevil.
  • Even Better Sequel: The general consensus about Pikmin 3 is that it takes everything that made the first game great and improves on it times eleven. The bosses are more cinematic and engaging, the overworlds are much bigger, Pikmin orginzation is much simpler, and the time limit is much more linear without losing the sense of urgency of the original. Some are even going as far to say Pikmin 3 is the first "true" sequel and that Pikmin 2 looks more like a Mission Pack Sequel in comparison.
  • Evil Is Cool: Some of the monsters, mainly the bosses, can be this.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In Nintendo Land, a model of the Ship from Pikmin 2 appears as a collectible. In Monita's description of it, she says it's probably a good thing that it can't talk, a jab at the Ship being a Deadpan Snarker. In Pikmin 3, the Ship can no longer talk, because it was possibly Killed Off for Real.
  • Game Breaker: Each game so far has had one type that contends for this.
    • Yellow Pikmin's Bomb Rocks in the first game, provided you can actually use them without accidentally blowing a massive hole in your Pikmin squad. When used correctly, they can two shot most enemies, and make the final boss much easier.
    • In Pikmin 2, Purple Pikmin themselves are considered this to some, as they are strong enough to kill most enemies and even some bosses by simply throwing around 10 to 20 of them on it, ridding most of the strategy. Although their slow speed and lack of immunities, combined with them having no Onion and thus can only be made through the rare Candypop Buds underground firmly lands them in the Too Awesome to Use club for others. (Especially since you need to make 100 of these guys in the late game to get a certain treasure.)
    • Winged Pikmin, despite being weaker than other Pikmin and lacking immunities, can still completely bypass a lot of the puzzles in Pikmin 3 and get fruit much earlier than you should due to their ability to fly. A few examples are the second half of the scale puzzle in the Garden of Hope, in which normally you're suppose to use all three captains in a complicated counter balance puzzle to get the fruit at the very end. However, locking onto the fruit and using the charge command makes the Winged Pikmin fly up to it and take it back to the ship with zero effort. There's also the multiple 'slope bags' used to make shortcuts to areas. By using the dodge roll whistle, you can cause the Winged Pikmin to fly up into the air, have them charge the bag, and push it down with out having to reach it the conventional way. Then there's the part where Louie steals your juice and runs off. Using Winged Pikmin, you can skip 75% of the puzzles that require Blue Pikmin. It has to be seen to be believed. (Starts at around 1:02:35) On top of that, despite being weaker than the other Pikmin, their constant flight allows them to charge the weak spots of bosses other Pikmin normally can't, and using spicy spray to negate their low attack power can make some bosses (such as the Mireclops) much easier. And unliked armed Yellows, whose bomb rocks come in a limited supply, or Purples, whose numbers can only increase by trecking through caves, Winged Pikmin have their own Onion that can be used to give a steady number of them at any given time.
  • Genius Bonus: The Shock Therapist, one of Titan Dweevil's weapons, is a flipping Crookes tube. Just how many players are gonna know what that is?!
  • Goddamn Bats:
    • Dwarf red bulborbs become this in sublevel 8 of Cavern of Chaos, as it has over one hundred of them.
    • Snitchbugs are this due to their habit of carrying Pikmin to bury them on the ground.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Pikmin 3 sports a few that seem to be tailor made for speed runners, from being able to get Winged Pikmin almost as soon as you start the first day in Twilight River to being able to fight the arctic Shaggy Long Legs without a time limit to being able to get the max number of Winged and Yellow Pikmin in the Onion as quickly as possible. Considering Miyamoto had this to say about the game: "But a good game—and this is really where I think Pikmin 3 stands out—is a game that gives you enough freedom that the player can create their own way of playing and can find ways of playing that the developers didn't envision." This might have been intentional.
  • Hell Is That Noise:
    • *WEEEESHHHH* *CRASH* *WEEEESHHHH* *CRASH* *OOOOOOWARRRRRRRRR!!!* followed by the sounds of illegible mumbling and the sounds of Pikmin being helplessly squished.
    • In Pikmin 2, we have the Antenna Beatle. Although it can't hurt your Pikmin on its own, it can use its wings to produce a very creepy tune, which interferes with the Treasure Gauge and attracts Pikmin, much as the Captains' whistles do. This can lead the Pikmin away from you and into another hazard close by.
    • The sounds the Plasm Wraith makes as it chases you in its transparent form in Pikmin 3. The background music doesn't help, either.
    • Again in 2, the rattle of the Man-At-Legs' machine gun. Absolutely NOTHING else in the game apart from the Bonus Boss can pull a Total Party Kill like this cyborg can, and it doesn't have a minimal range. Take cover or you're hosed.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight/Foreshadowing:
    • In Pikmin 2, Olimar's notes on the Disguised Delicacy boast that if fruits from the Pikmin planet could be cultivated on Hocotate, nobody would ever go hungry again. (He then laments his utter lack of knowledge and talent in agriculture.) In Pikmin 3, the three new captains seem to have hit upon the exact same idea, as their objective is to gather seeds from the Pikmin planet to save their home planet, Koppai, from a food shortage.
    • There's also how you can have Pikmin carry the playable characters back to base in the first two games. Louie must be carried back twice in the third game, and the entire final area is saving Olimar from the Plasm Wraith.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Louie stealing all of your food in Pikmin 3 is a serious Jerkass moment from him, but when you realize what he's been through, his actions become more understandable. After having to help Olimar look for treasure just to buy Olimar's old ship back, the ship they used to get to the planet gets wrecked. Even though they're stranded on the planet without a ship, Olimar continues to look for treasure despite how pointless it is, forcing Louie to look after himself. In the end, the only thing he ever says is "Food!". Plus, as a Dummied Out clip found among the 5 Easter Egg Olimar's Logs points out, although Louie sent out an S.O.S. after running away from Olimar, he was unconscious the entire time the Koppaites were trying to rescue him. Since he woke up while they were asleep, he thought he was being kidnapped, and since the only other ship he knew of was the aforementioned old ship, even if he DID get it out of the atmosphere, it'd probably not be able to reach Hocotate for a LONG while in that state. It's still a jerkass action, but it's hard to blame him.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Louie's note on the Mamuta. 'Inedible. Taste Like Chicken.'
    • There's also one dealing with a certain red leaf Pikmin, but due to a massive Creator Backlash, it quickly became a Discredited Meme.
    • Olimar's Psycho Smirk from the animated short Midnight juicer is making it's way around the Pikmin fandom like wildfire.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The sound Pikmin make when they're plucked from the ground.
    • The sound of a Waterwraith being destroyed after dealing with it for five levels straight.
    • "Pikmin!"
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • The Submerged Castle. Feverishly attempting to clear the sublevels as fast as you can before it arrives. And to say nothing of after you hear that telltale roar...
    • If there is one on the map, a Bulbear or Gatling Groink will find you. It is only a matter of time. The third game softens this by removing the latter enemy and (likely due to a case of overworld vs caves) having the former being behind a bamboo gate at the beginning that you have to lift.
    • As you're trying to lead the Pikmin holding Olimar out of the Formidable Oak's maze, the Plasm Wraith in its transparent form chases after you. You can even hear it as it gets closer.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: According to one item's description, Olimar created a musical for the Pikmin.
  • That One Boss: Loads and loads of them.
    • On a no-Pikmin-death run, the Segmented Crawbster probably takes the cake.becomes this due to the difficulty to dodge its rolling attack, as well as the fall of the ceiling's rocks after it hits the wall.
    • Empress Bulblax, the second and third times around. Her continuously-spawning babies kill Pikmin instantly, and it's easy to let one slip your sights and have a feast without you realizing until it's too late.
    • Man-At-Legs. He can waste a WHOLE GROUP of 100 Pikmin if you're careless enough! Especially in the Hole of Heroes, where you have to fight it in a pool of water, meaning only blue Pikmin (and Bulbmin) can fight it. It's possible to lure it to where non-blues can get it, but it's difficult to the point of probably not being worth it.
    • Waterwraith on levels 1-4 of the Submerged Castle. He's easy enough prepared, but when you don't expect it and are not prepared, you can be devastated quickly, because it's merciless.
    • The Quaggled Mireclops in the third game. Its "tells" are very subtle and rely largely on audio cues, its feet push the bog you fight it in down, making knocking it over very dangerous if you don't use blues, and its major attacks can, if you're unaware, wipe out your entire army in one go. Even once you have it down and vulnerable, its massive tongue sweeps all around its mouth, and when it gets low on health, it'll do this twice, which can catch you off guard the first time you fight it. Regardless, the Mireclops' sheer scale and the intensity of the fight makes it both this and a Best Boss Ever to some fans.
  • That One Level:
    • The Submerged Castle, with the Waterwraith dropping in if you linger on a floor for too long. There's also the fact that you can only take Blue Pikmin in when the dungeon has all hazards — including the one that instantly kills Pikmin. Luckily, you get Bulbmin to alleviate the problem.
    • The Wistful Wild dungeons, particularly the Hole of Heroes. It is filled with bosses, and one sublevel is filled with every kind of the most dangerous Bulborbs.
    • For the Challenges, the Subterranean Lair can cause massive amounts of headaches. It's not a big level, but it has three Spotty Bulbears wandering around, all followed by dwarf bulbears.
    • The Secret Testing Range. Thought fighting Man-at-Legs was bad enough? Now try it with a timer.
  • That One Sidequest: Getting platinum in the "Battle Enemies" portion of Mission Mode in the third game is much more difficult than the level's "Collect Treasure" counterparts. While you do have Onions and thus a replenishable army this time, and you don't have to carry everything back to get points, this mode does not shy away from throwing powerful enemies and even a few minibosses that must all be killed in rather strict time limits and with a pretty low number of starting Pikmin. You are usually given bomb rocks, except that you practically have to use some strategy with them to make getting platinum possible.
  • Too Awesome to Use:
    • Purple Pikmin to some, due to most bosses in the game requiring quick movement or a Pikmin immunity to beat. Doesn't help they can only be found underground and can't be made with an Onion, and the fact that you need 100 of these guys to get a treasure late game often means most people won't want to risk losing them so they won't have to do as much grinding for them late game.
    • There's also Ultra Bitter Spray. Although it can immobilize enemies and even make some of the toughest bosses a complete joke, it is much rarer to come by in comparison to Ultra Spicy Spray, and the berry plants needed to farm them are often in inconvenient locations. As such, most players will only ever use them if there's absolutely no other way out. (Usually when they're being faced down by a Spotty Bulbear.)
    • White Pikmin, when eaten by enemies, release a poison that knock off a large chunk of their health. However, most players prefer not to lose too many whites - although technically to beat the game only one is needed to dig up buried treasure and disarm toxic vents, if you're ultra patient.
  • Ugly Cute: Some of the enemies like the Bulborbs and Toady Bloysters tend to be this.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • The general consensus is that Pikmin 3 really shows off how gorgeous games on the Wii U can truly be. The first two games, though quite old by now and showing their age, were absolutely stunning in their own time.
    • If the trailer is any indication, the short films will look amazing. They're said to use about ten times the fidelity of the game's models, and the third short will have 500 Pikmin on-screen at once.
  • What an Idiot: Anyone who gets caught by a Bumbling Snitchbug. Olimar is the one who takes note of this.
  • The Woobie: Though the President is a greedy bastard (the first thing he does when bringing up the debt being selling Olimar ship to pay off the company debt while refusing to sell his own ship), if you take too long to raise up enough money, he starts giving you status updates on how he's had to go on the lam to hide from the All Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks and is now living under a bridge. Keep dawdling, and the loan sharks find him and threaten to bury him in a swamp if the debt is not repaid. His messages afterwards consist of him fearfully begging Olimar to work faster. It's kind of hard not to feel sorry for him at that point.

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