YMMV / Picross
aka: Marios Picross

  • Americans Hate Tingle: The first game got a bad rap and was a commercial failure in the West, the main reason being the complaint that the puzzles were too hard to see on the Game Boy's tiny screen. However, it was a success in Japan. This led to the sequels getting No Export for You until Picross DS.
  • Cult Classic: As said above, the first game wasn't really liked in the West by the general public but gained a fanbase over time. Sadly, the only way to play any subsequent games for the next decade would be to import.
  • Game Breaker: The majority of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon in Pokémon Picross will basically play the game for you. However, they have a very long cooldown to compensate, around 24 to 30 hours real-time, so it's difficult to abuse them. That being said, once you have enough, you won't need to abuse them, because you have so many to choose from.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Any time you need to figure out which cells to fill but you don't have enough information to decide for sure; play it safe and try to think harder, or guess and risk a penalty on the magnitude of minutes. note 
  • Vindicated by History: The first game received a bit of a chilly reception due to most players not knowing what to make of the concept. Over time the series became a cult favorite, with many fans rejoicing when Picross DS and 3D Picross made the trek outside Japan.

Alternative Title(s): Marios Picross