YMMV / Phantasy Star II

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Were the Earthmen truly evil, or were they brainwashed by Dark Force to destroy Algo?
  • Fanon: Rolf's often given the surname "Landale", but it's not explicitly canon.
  • Game-Breaker: Hugh, who was The Scrappy in the original due to his focus on status attacks and his sucky equipment options, was given a special attack in Phantasy Star Generation 2 that can paralyze everything for multiple rounds. Yes, everything really means EVERYTHING... including the final bosses.
  • Tear Jerker: Nei's death. Quite possibly one of the earliest examples of a Player Punch in gaming.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Before Generation 2, Hugh was disliked for being completely useless, due to a focus on Useless Useful Status Effects, poor equipment and nothing useful against robots.
  • That One Boss: Dark Force. It has an unblockable mind control attack that can make whoever it hits unable to do anything but stand there in despair and let himself be slaughtered. Rolf's Infinity +1 Sword has the power to dispell the effect, but it kicks in at random and it's possible for half your party to get killed before the sword clears your party's minds.
  • That One Level: Ikuto, the dungeon containing the Neishot and Neislasher. In order to proceed, you must fall into pits that lead to lower levels containing more pits leading to lower levels containing even more pits. You cannot see what's at a pit's bottom and most of the time, it'll be another pit dropping you all the way to the bottom (past the treasure chests) requiring you to start all over again.
    • Honestly, any dungeon once you reach Climatrol, but especially from the dams onward, can turn into this, especially if you somehow lack access to a map/walkthrough.
  • The Woobie: If you take her backstory in her prequel text adventure to heart, Nei is the biggest Woobie in the series. She's been threatened, discriminated against and nearly lynched due to her being part human, part animal. She has a very short lifespan compared to a human. And when she finds a new home with Rolf, he's sent on a mission that will ultimately cost her her life.