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YMMV: Perry Rhodan
  • Creator's Pet: if there was ever a real Creator's Pet, then it was Norman, a clone (dwarf) elephant; being just one and a half foot high, he started as real pet, but got his hatedom by saving the day, whenever he occurred. The creators did it probably on purpose, because some fans had this reaction on his first, some animal-like day-saving behavior (find out of a labyrinth to find his favorite food). So, he had got more and more skills to save more and more days, so he got even more hater, and thus, his creators let him save each and every day or at last each week. In the end, he died, killed by a super-intelligence. Alone. Without saving anyone. Take That, Norman-hatedom!
  • Magnificent Bastard: Atlan.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Early in the series, some critics called it fascist. The authors had tried to avoid that by having an international cast of characters and giving Rhodan human rights ideals, on the other hand they made him an unfailing leader with absolute power.

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