YMMV / Penn & Teller

  • Crosses the Line Twice: Everything the duo do. Everything. They are a modern Grand Gignol.
  • Memetic Mutation: "You need to shut. The fuck. UP!"
  • Moment of Awesome: Any act that appears on Fool Us that manages to fool Penn & Teller qualifies as this, but there are a few notable standouts:
    • Mathieu Bich, who not only managed to fool the duo with his "Spreadwave" card trick, but also anticipated how they would say he did the trick.
    • Kostya Kimlat, who fooled them with the exact same card trick they performed on the Today Show two months prior, using a totally different method of the trick that they could not solve. Halfway through, they realize what he's up to; Penn gets slowly agitated ("I'm gonna break your hands...") while Teller is practially giggling.
    • And then there is Shawn Farquar, who managed to fool them twice. The second time around, Penn was convinced that he had the trick figured out, but when Shawn declared - and the backstage judges confirmed - that Penn was totally wrong, Penn had an Eye Take for the ages.