YMMV / Penn & Teller

  • Crosses the Line Twice: Everything the duo do. Everything. They are a modern Grand Gignol.
  • Memetic Mutation: "You need to shut. The fuck. UP!"
    • Also, the "YOU FOOL! Incident" from The Hollywood Squares- they started it, and Gilbert Gottfried ran with it.
    • Penn saying "Into the trash it goes" and generally any image of Penn holding a garbage can or trashbag became used as shorthands for 'I am immediately discarding this without hesitation' (with 'this' being in-development games, series, or apparently ill-informed opinions).
  • Moment of Awesome: Any act that appears on Fool Us that manages to fool Penn & Teller qualifies as this, but there are a few notable standouts:
    • Mathieu Bich, who not only managed to fool the duo with his "Spreadwave" card trick, but also anticipated how they would say he did the trick. Teller immediately lept up to give a standing ovation.
    • Kostya Kimlat, who fooled them with the exact same card trick they performed on the Today Show two months prior, using a totally different method of the trick that they could not solve. Halfway through, they realize what he's up to; Penn gets slowly agitated ("I'm gonna break your hands...") while Teller is practially giggling.
    • And then there is Shawn Farquar, who managed to fool them twice. The second time around, Penn was convinced that he had the trick figured out, but when Shawn declared - and the backstage judges confirmed - that Penn was totally wrong, Penn had an Eye Take for the ages.
    • As awesome as it is when Penn is the one to declare an act has fooled them, it's even better when Teller is the one to do so. When Suzanne's Band-Aid trick concludes and he steps up to show her a picture detailing their thoughts, she denies its accuracy; after examining the Band-Aids himself, he wordlessly mouths "Fooled" to Penn to wild applause. Later, after Wayne Hoffman performs, the pair come up to inspect the table and cloth used in his act; when they find nothing, Teller cocks a finger up to the ceiling and beckons the Fool Us trophy down. Then there's Richard Turner, who is so impressive that Teller tries to bring the Fool Us trophy down in the middle of the performance!