YMMV / Peep Show

  • Accidental Nightmare Fuel: There's a good meta example in Peep Show and Tell, the "making of" documentary about the series: just try not to recoil in horror at David Mitchell passionately snogging the POV camera.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Who is worse? Sophie or Mark? Let's consider the options. Sophie. A bitch who manipulated Mark into fatherhood, didn't let him name the baby (cause he wasn't at the Christening), played him and Jeff off against each other, tried to get him to take drugs when he didn't want to, lost him a job and told people he jilted her when she ran off OR Mark's the jerk who stalked her and got into a petty rivalry with Jeff over her, got Jez to make nasty phone calls to her over her getting a job that he had no more right than her to anyway (and it turned out she didn't want), used her as a human shield, abandoned her while in labor and decided to marry her to get a big house only to try to jilt her by hiding in the church. (Ironically Olivia Coleman dislikes her while David Mitchell thinks she's ok). Or maybe they're both as bad as each other. Just saying.
    • Jeff as a better person than Mark. He was more of a support to Sophie during her pregnancy than Mark the babies father is, he hasn't, to our knowledge, done anything half as bad as some of the things Mark's done (falsely accusing a man of molestation, drugging Gerard etc) and even his tormenting of Mark only got really bad after Mark insulted his mother.
    • Elena has more than a few moments of stupidity comparable to Jeremy; however, it's difficult to tell whether this is some kind of facade that she maintains while stringing him along, or if she's really just as vacuous as he is.
    • Nancy: Manipulative, hypocritical bitch or insensitive but well-meaning and kindhearted with her own interpretation of what it means to be Christian?
    • Super Hans: Crack-addled maniac, or Obfuscating Stupidity, to some extent? When Merry is sectioned, it's Super Hans, not Jeremy, who has the presence of mind to seek ownership papers for the pub she's just gifted them. By Series 8, he's stating his desire to settle down - briefly, he's even Mark's boss - and by Series 9 he's found a wife briefly - but still .... He appears to have a good, if distant, relationship with his twin sons. All of which suggests that even a complete stoner like Super Hans has a greater level of emotional maturity than Jez.
  • Award Snub: Ricky Gervais questioned why the first series wasn't nominated at the BAFT As, calling it the best British sitcom since Father Ted.
  • Better on DVD: Watching seasons as a whole allows the viewer to more easily follow all the arcs rather than just the main ones.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Much of Mark and Jeremy's inner monologues are this trope, considering they mostly consist of things they would never say out loud.
    • I am in loco parantis, I am the last remaining contestant on The Apprentice, I am the home trained dentist...
    • Ah yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yaa yai yah!
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Super Hans, you drug-addled lunatic. Also, smooth operator Alan Johnson.
  • Fridge Brilliance: In the opener of series 7 Mark reveals he has a fear of children. Then you remember back to the very first episode where he is constantly tortured by a gang of children.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In series 7 episode 5 (the Christmas Episode), Mark comments that his present for Dobby which he ordered online hasn't arrived in time. With this episode Having been filmed in September 2010, the creators had no idea that come December, many Christmas presents ordered online really did fail to reach people on time due to the unusually large snowfall.
    • In S3E4 (2005), Mark says to himself that "she's probably got a title." As of 2009, Sophie Winkleman's formal title is "Lady Frederick Windsor."
  • Ho Yay: Mark and Jeremy tend to sabotage the each other's efforts with the opposite sex, and routinely hug and even kiss each other when in high spirits. In short, there's quite a lot of it flying around. Notably, Mark's best match is Dobby who Jeremy falls in love with because she's a female version of himself, which means by proxy he's dating a female Jeremy (albeit without Jez's extreme narcissism).
    • Jeremy and Super Hans, especially when Jez finally remembers "the bad thing" in an early episode.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Mark and Jeremy. Jeremy with Mark. And Super Hans. And Big Suze’s one-time boyfriend, Stu. And he was a ‘handyman’ for a musician he admired…a musician who expected him to be ‘handy’.
  • Memetic Mutation: Everyone wants to chew on Dobby's weird hair.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Jeff crowns his campaign of sexual humiliation against Mark by sending him out to buy condoms for him and Sophie. Although Jeff's example is debatable given he has never drugged Gerrard, started weird crush clubs or went round waterboarding lodgers.
    • If you didn't think that Mark was an amoral coward before he falsely accused his gym instructor of molesting him (costing the man his livelihood,) because he was too much of a coward to tell Sophie he didn't want to marry her, then you surely must now.
  • One True Pairing: Mark and Dobby. Their ship name can be Dork.
  • Painful Rhyme: Super Hans' song in Series 7. All of it.
    Super Hans: I am in loco parentis, I am the last remaining contestant on The Apprentice, I am the home trained dentist...
  • Squick: Jeremy eating the dog. Closely followed by Mark and the pheasant: "You've pulled its bloody head off!".