YMMV / Passchendaele

  • Anvilicious: David is thrown onto a massive cross made out of timber thrown out of the trenches when an artillery shell explodes near him. Dunne has to carry the cross (and David) across the battlefield, like Jesus.
  • Fridge Logic: Why would a military recruiter leave his job and travel all the way to Europe to apprehend a single soldier?
  • Narm: The sex scene in the bombed-out building. Out of place and poorly acted, yet so funny.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Blood, gore and rats crawling out of the mouths of soldiers are just the beginning.
  • Pet the Dog: The German officer in the end, who tells his men to cease fire as Michael comes across No-Man's Land to get David.
  • Tear Jerker: The end credits, which play over footage from the actual Battle of Passcheandale and an appropriately stirring track by Sarah Slean and Sarah Harmer.
    • One brief shot shows a child in a German army uniform.
  • Too Dumb to Live: David, who during the final battle runs after the retreating Germans and falls into their trench, which indirectly gets him nearly hit by an artillery shell.
  • Values Dissonance: Intentionally invoked. A lot of characters portray the war as glorious and noble, often outright shaming young men to enlist. After all, what is better than to die senslessly in the trenches of the Great War for king, empire and God (in that order), especially if you yourself are too old to fight and have to encourage those young cowards instead?