YMMV / Papillon

  • Award Snub: Steve McQueen was overlooked by the Academy. Some say that was because he had "stolen" Ali MacGraw (who became his second wife) from her husband Robert Evans, who was a powerful studio executive at the time. McQueen was also rumored to have slept with many other Hollywood wives. Others say his Oscar snub was because the actor, in rather coarse language, once told the Golden Globes committee he would accept an award if he won but would never consider going to the ceremony. He did, however, receive a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The theme by Jerry Goldsmith; a lush, memorable theme made up of strings, piano and woodwinds dominate this heartfelt score from one of the composer's most personal works.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Crossed by the Mother Superior at a convent when she has Papillon returned to Devil's Island. It didn't help that Papillon had just admitted to her that he isn't a murderer (he had been imprisoned on the charge of killing a pimp). He said he wasn't guilty, but when the guards came for him, she callously decided to leave his life in God's hands. Granted, it did work out for him in the long run, but with holy people like her, who needs the devil himself?
  • Nightmare Fuel: Both dreams Papillon has while in solitary confinement. Especially the second one. "You're deeeeaaaaaddd..."