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YMMV: Paperinik New Adventures
  • Abridged Series: Banker's Motion Comics are the closest thing to this the series will ever get.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: There are hints suggesting that Two might not hate One at all, but be obsessed with him.
    • Some think that Mary Ann Flaggstar, rather then being simply loyal to professor Fairfax due to her job, was actually in love with him.
  • Anyone Can Die: Really gives off this vibe, as among the named cast, no less than six characters have died over the course of the series: Xadhoom, The Raider, Zoster, Raghor, Geena and Grrodon, two of which have committed suicide.
    • There are also some characters who, with no confirmation of their death and no further appearances, are to be presumed dead. There's, for example, Leonard Vertighel from PKNA #22: no trace is found of him but it's stated he apparently turned off the sprinkler system, and his depression made a suicide quite likely. Baron Hastings from #24 is seen recovering data that may allow the Vikings to travel to other dimensions... and an explosion engulfs him. Then his entire fortress explodes. Kronin is lost in the timeless void at the end of #33, although it was all undone by the following issue, so he's probably still frozen in Time 0.
    • The last issue of Pikappa goes to nearly Kill 'em All levels. Aboard Zondag's ship, Lyla self-destructs to clear the way from Elite Mooks, Vulnus Vendor is hit by a ray weapon, Juniper is coolflamized, Zondag is devolved into a spore, and Kronin was imprisoned there. Then the ship explodes. Donald and Angus are the only ones to flee in time and return to Duckburg.
    • And if you consider One and Two's fates of being permanently deactivated and regressed into nothingness, and subsequent assimilation, to be a form of death, then we're up to 9.
  • Awesome Art: Every issue drawn by Claudio Sciarrone. Lorenzo Pastrovicchio and Alesandro Barbucci are very appreciated by the fanbase, too.
  • Bellisario's Maxim: Almost everything regarding Time Travel.
  • Broken Base: Over PK Universe. Some fans were happy to see the PKNA characters again (especially Xadhoom, since she's dead in the original continuity), even in a different form, and liked the many references and CallBacks throughout the mini-series, others haven't appreciated the story which has tried to cram too much stuff in just 100 pages, the excess jokes, Xadhoom's Lighter and Softer portrayal (the Raider, who is closer to the original, has been better received), and the announcement it's the beginning of a continuity of its own, all on top of the fact it's the only good reason to buy Paperinik Appgrade, which has exhausted the best classic stories to reprint by now. The more negative camp, however, has been placated by the arrival of the new PKNA story soon after, and by the surprisingly good PK Universe story following the mini-series, which has planted the seeds for interesting future developments.
    • After the first episode of Might and Power, a poll was launched to let the readers decide on the fate of the Ducklair Tower: it wouldn't change the storyline's ending but some events that will also have a weight in future stories, with a few pages for every possible outcome already drawn and ready to be published. The first option (save it) prevailed by a wide margin, until authors and staff started openly campaigning for the other choice (destroy it), leading to a reversal by a narrow margin shortly before the poll ended. The fans' reaction has been very divisive: beside their preference for one outcome or the other, some have seen the operation as a great way to involve the readers, even drawing parallels with A Death In The Family, others think it's a badly-done facade to get some "piloted" approval over a possibly unpopular choice.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Trauma appeared only in one issue and he's the most popular villain of the series.
    • Gorthan is also quite popular for a character who had only a couple of appearances beside the issue dedicated to him. May be for this reason that he was given a larger role in Pikappa.
  • Foe Yay: Paperinik and the Raider. Paperinik literally cries over the Raider's death, and the Raider asks him to explain it to his son.
  • Fridge Horror: Corona's state as of the present in PK2. Every single member of the parliament is implied to be just as emotionally stunted as Korinna and Juniper, with no more maturity. All they have is more information, which we saw that the two used in vicious way. A new evil empire in the making?
    • Not to mention how the way the parliament members are raised is plain out child abuse.
  • Genius Bonus: In PKNA #39, One creates a fake identity for Paperinik, as a professor of mechanical avunculogratulation, an idea he got from one of his favourite books.
    • In #46 we found more about Xado's experiment, the one that gave her the power of a star. It's referred to as "The Great Work". It even has the four colored stages!
    • Until he gets a translation unit Q'Wynkennon, Neopard's robotic sidekick, is apparently The Unintelligible. If you are from the Lumbardy region of Italy, however, you may recognize a disguised regional dialect.
  • Growing the Beard: PKNA #3 "The Day Of The Cold Sun" is generally considered the first issue where the series really showed what it was capable of.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Remember all those Coolflames Xadhoom killed alongside the Evronians? We later learn that the few remaining Xerbians have found a way to return them to normal.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Evronians are established to be able to absorb energy from the emotions of sentient beings. As of 2005, the Green Lantern comic book has the emotional spectrum to provide energy for the various corps.
    • The terrorist from Belgravia Oberon De Spair liked to call himself an "Agent of Chaos", ten years before The Joker.
    • Late in the series, One, an entity composed entirely of computer data, assimilates his dying twin, Two, after his defeat. Guess how Digimon Tamers differs from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02?
      • It goes even beyond this point: One's absorbtion of Two gives One new capabilities, and eventually, a different physical form.
    • In the second issue of PK2, Paperinik complains that life is easier for other superheroes. Of course they had to change their name for copyright reasons, and so he mentions the X-Ducks and... Blue Lantern. A little more than a year later, the reboot would put him among a Lanterns-like organization.
      • And it would be revealed that the Blue Lanterns actually exist.
    • At the end of PKNA #1 "Shadows On Venus", One wished one hundred adventures to Paperinik. If you don't count the summer specials and sum the issues of PKNA, PK2 and Pikappa, 100 is the exact number you get.
    • In Might and Power, the Raider has discovered Paperinik's true identity, as part of the effort he's taken to find and save him from the Evronian threat. Who else previously managed to do it? The evil future version of his son in a Bad Future. It Runs in the Family, apparently.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Xadhoom is consistently rude, bitter and abrasive to everybody, including Paperinik, and thinks of One as nothing more than a machine. You'll still want to give her a BIG hug, and the hell to solarburn.
    • Korinna too.
    • Birgit Q is not a nice woman for sure, but seeing her so devastated after Everett betrays her trust is heartbreaking.
    • Hobey, a minor character from three issues of PK2. In one of them, he takes several people hostage at Duckmall, while in another he uses newfound psychic powers to his advantage. Not a nice guy, but knowing his past - he was first reduced to homelessness after he was fired and lost a legal cause with his former employee, then fell victim to Profunda's powers - you cannot help but feel sorry for him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Two! How good is he/it? Well, in his first appearance, even before they learn of his existence, he manipulates Paperinik into shutting down One.
    • In PK2 Everett Ducklair firmly evolves into this. He uses old microchips he implanted into people's brains during his Mad Scientist days to manipulate them, cause chaos and distract Paperinik, in order to install antennas to read the minds of everybody in Duckburg, without the hero noticing. And why does he do this? The minds of his daughters are too strong for him to read, so he puts the antennas to read the minds of those who might have been controlled to be used against him. In the last issue of PK2 he manages to Out Gambit his own daughters, and they are no slouch either.
    • The Highest Zotnam, commander of the invasion fleet of Earth. How good he is? After his second confrontation with Paperinik, Two escaped by moving to Zotnam's mothership and started manipulating the Evronians to get them to destroy One... And Zotnam promptly noticed, prepared a program to erase him, and manipulated him for two years to try and disarm Paperinik's support! And when Two failed, the only reason he managed to reach his escape vehicle was that Zotnam found blowing him up more satisfying and had it sabotaged....
  • Magnificent Bitch: Juniper.
  • Moral Event Horizon: When in the reboot Vendor transforms Lyo in a Godzilla-like creature and causes his death. It's seen as this even In-Universe: Paperinik decides it's too much and goes out to kill him.
  • Narm: Two's last words. It's supposed to show his Sanity Slippage, but they are ridiculous.
    • To clarify: they are "Today Master Ducklair taught me a doggerel. Wanna hear it?". While sucking his thumb.
    • In Pikappa, Lyonard's transformation into Lyozard. His clothes should be ripping... except it's drawn like they're melting on his skin.
  • Periphery Demographic: The comic was intended for 10-12 year olds, but gained a large following between college students.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Donald is supposed to be in a relationship with Daisy, as always. However, Xadhoom is a tsundere for him, most of their dialogue come off as flirtatious (she is the biggest offender, but he does return it and never seems to mind, and calls her "Beautiful Eyes") and she straight up kisses him on one occasion. His only complaint is her high body temperature.
    • Listen to Paperinik's last words to a computer program that contains the memory of Xadhoom and tell me it doesn't sound like what a lover would say:
    Paperinik: "We'll find a way to get you out of it... You'll be able to see again. The wind, the sky... We'll be together... we'll be... happy..."
  • Replacement Scrappy: Malice Sturling, who takes Mary Ann Flagstarr's place in the PBI in PK2. Very unsympathetic, she refuses any help from Paperinik and treats him badly, forgetting all the help he gave to the PBI in the past.
    • From Might and Power, the new AI, which makes fans miss One even more. The latter is reactivated at the end of the storyline but it's unknown when he and Paperinik will meet again.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Xari (Xadhoom's ex-boyfriend) and the Xerbian race in general are not seen well by a large slice of the fandom.
  • So Cool It's Awesome: The first series, hands down. #10 "Trauma" and #22 "Fragments Of Autumn" in particular are considered the best issues by many fans, but there are several other fan-favorites like #12 "Second Writing", #20 "Mekkano", #28 "Metamorphosis", the Raider duology, the Xadhoom trilogy (with #46 "In the Shadow" as sort of an appendix to it)... More in general, anything written by Bruno Enna and/or drawn by Claudio Sciarrone is held in high regard.
  • Surprise Creepy: It's a Disney series, that features Donald Duck as it's protagonist. So far so good... And then you learn that the main plot is derived from a genocide event.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Was adapted into a video game called Disney's PK: Out of the Shadows. It got mostly negative reviews. To make things worse, the fact it was in production may be what prompted Disney to quickly conclude ''PK2'' and make space for the reboot, hoping to create a series that, with no connection to the classic Paperinik, would have been easier to sell outside Italy.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Even if it's a direct sequel, many readers at the time didn't (and some still do today) appreciate the changes PK2 brought to setting, atmosphere and cast. Its short duration, due to Executive Meddling that made the series close with an hasty finale in favor of Pikappa, didn't help.
    • Pikappa is obviously hit the most by this. While the series has some high points, the complete removal of the hero's classic origins, the rewriting of many characters' origins and personalities, the general idea of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the lower quality of many stories make it reviled by most fans. And by its own creators apparently, since the finale with the entire series having never happened, due to a rewritten timeline sounds, if not a hate letter to it, at least as Self-Deprecation from their part.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Camera 9 seemed destined to a significant role, especially after his appearance in the Stefan Vladuck persona in PKNA #16. Unfortunately, little of significance has been seen of him after that issue, and the fact he knew a lot of things about PK and Lyla was never addressed.
    • A minor criticism of Might and Power is how Nebula Faraday and Morgan Fairfax, despite their prominent role in the Evronian resurgence, get little space and relevance in the story proper.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • From the ending of PKNA #11, it looked like we were going to see several adventures with Urk as the evil-fighting partner of Paperinik, forming a Power Trio with Lyla. Instead, the three fought together again only in #19, and in #24 Urk returned to his dimension.
    • The Principate of Stahlburg, appearing in PKNA #25, looked like a good counterpart to Belgravia, and its organization The Axe, with its advanced technology, seemed to an important ally for the future. Instead, they appeared only in that issue.
  • Too Cool to Live: Xadhoom. Sniff...
  • Vindicated by History: While there are fans that still cannot stand PK2 and think it ruined everything, many others have re-evaluated it as a series that would have deserved more time to develop from both Disney and the readers, and that if it got more love back then, it would have spared us from Pikappa and then a decade of oblivion.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: It has Donald Duck as a protagonist and plenty of funny moments, but features a character that defies Thou Shall Not Kill, another that is the victim of Fantastic Racism for most of its run, several Apocalypse How scenarios, complex characters, downer endings and an evil empire that transforms the populations of every planet it conquers into zombies.
    • Pikappa should be (and generally is) Lighter and Softer compared to the previous two series but it makes you doubt it at times, considering some darker stories and moments of strong fanservice with Lyla and Birgit.
    • Some fans were afraid that Might and Power, being on the pages of the Mickey Mouse weekly, would have forced the authors to Lighter and Softer fare, similar to the classic Paperinik stories published there. Quite the opposite: Might and Power is probably the darkest story published on the magazine in years. Among other things, it features a very bleak Bad Future that started with the assassination of Donald Duck, and a new AI who accuses PK of having been too soft in the past, and gets angry when the hero refuses the easy and fast solution of killing his enemies.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: PKNA #15 was written by Tito Faraci, known for his surreal sense of humour, and drawn by Silvia Ziche, Disney Italy's poster girl for this trope. Hilarity Ensued.
  • The Woobie: He never really angst about it, but if you take notice Paperinik's life gets significantly worse from the second half of PKNA to all PK2: he loses many of his most trusted allies and friends (except Lyla, and that is only because Everett changed reality thanks to the book of destiny), gets evicted from his secret headquarters and sees one person he trusted transform in a grey character that could very well be a danger for him and everybody else. In fact it could be the first time his life as Donald is better than his life as Paperinik. Of course, since he is the Determinator hero we know and love, he does his best to restart his superhero life from scratch.
    • In this light, it's not surprising to know that by the events of Might and Power, he had quit the superhero life for at least some time, and he's not happy to be thrusted back into it.

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