• Ear Worm: OH, use your imaginaaaaation, think of what you can do! Use your imaginaaaaaation, that's just the thing to doodley-do-do!
  • Replacement Scrappy: The current PBS Kids mascots Dash and Dot, to those who grew up with the P-Pals (the old mascots). That said, The P-Pals only appeared in one bumper, and most people who watched PBS as children for a better part of the past two decades grew up with Dot and Dash.
    • Then, in 2013, Dot was given a redesign and paired with two new characters named Dee and Del. Dash now only appears in the circular PBS kids logo, upsetting people who miss just Dot and Dash being the focus of the bumpers.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?:
    • The PBS Kids GO! branding was this in spades, with an odd mixture of live action elements and backdrops that look like they came out of an optical illusion or something.
    • To a much lesser extent, but some of the 2013 bumpers are also...Pretty bizarre. For example, there's one with Dee and Dot in a glass of lemonade...Only for a giant Del to start sipping it.