YMMV / OutRun

  • Awesome Music:
    • The main thing OutRun is remembered for. Most subsequent sequels keep all four tracks, and some even featured in the soundtrack of Bayonetta.
    • The driving songs from original game perfectly cover different moods. Passing Breeze exudes the feeling of a relaxing summer drive, while Splash Wave has the opposite mood of an intense race to the finish. In-between the two is Magical Sound Shower, an upbeat Latin tune. When the race is finished, Last Wave wraps things up with a romantic epilogue.
    • Other great songs from the series include Vivacious from Turbo OutRun, Victorious from OutRun 2019, and Risky Ride from OutRun 2.
    • The 3DS port of the original game introduces two new songs, Camino a Mi Amor and Cruising Line
  • Most Wonderful Sound: From OutRun 2's Heart Attack mode: "Special Request!"
  • Polished Port: The 3DS port of the original game, which is not only arcade perfect, but has the option of being played in widescreen and at 60 frames per second. It also introduces several unlockable tune-up options, which also change the appearance of the car especially when combined. It also introduces two brand new songs.
  • Sequelitis: For a while when Sega didn't know what to do with the sequels, then averted with OutRun 2 and its Updated Rereleases.