YMMV / OutRun

  • Awesome Music:
    • The main thing OutRun is remembered for. Most subsequent sequels keep all four tracks, and some even featured in the soundtrack of Bayonetta.
    • The driving songs from original game perfectly cover different moods. Passing Breeze exudes the feeling of a relaxing summer drive, while Splash Wave has the opposite mood of an intense race to the finish. In-between the two is Magical Sound Shower, an upbeat Latin tune. When the race is finished, Last Wave wraps things up with a romantic epilogue.
    • Other great songs from the series include Vivacious from Turbo OutRun, Victorious from OutRun 2019, and Risky Ride from OutRun 2.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: From OutRun 2's Heart Attack mode: "Special Request!"
  • Sequelitis: For a while when Sega didn't know what to do with the sequels, then averted with OutRun 2 and its Updated Rereleases.