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YMMV: Outpost 2
  • Game Breaker: Eden's Thor's Hammer. Very powerful, has the longest range of any weapon, and requires no line of sight (it can hit over walls and cliffs). Given the Artificial Stupidity of the enemy sending waves along a given path, a line of turrets behind walls will take care of them to the point where there is no contest. The best Plymouth has in terms of damage is the RPG, although the ESG supposedly can do a good bit of damage.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The eerie hissing noise when the Blight infests your structures.
    • Also the two most dreaded Savant announcements: "The Blight is approaching!" and "Volcanic eruption detected!" The sharp note of urgency in the computer's normally placid voice doesn't help.
      • Which also leads one to question why Plymouth keeps rebuilding its colony next to a volcano, although they didn't know the first one was going to erupt.

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