'''General Tropes'''
* DesignatedEvil: Esther's mercy-killing of the accidentally, mortally wounded bird, is presented as a cruel/heinous act.
* HilariousInHindsight: Heh, [[JonAndKatePlusEight a dysfunctional couple named John and Kate.]]
* JerkassWoobie: Danny.
* ParanoiaFuel
* RootingForTheEmpire: It's easy to root for Esther despite the fact she's batshit insane because A) She's a MagnificentBastard and B) Isabelle Fuhrman's performance. Not to mention most of the protagonists- except for maybe [[CuteMute Max]] come off as whiny and annoying to some.
* {{Squick}}: When Esther [[spoiler:tries to seduce John in a cocktail dress]].
** Esther breaking her own arm, especially as the bone very visibly pops out. The fact that it's the ''only'' scene where she shows any real weakness or pain somehow makes it worse.
** The entirety of Kate's NightmareSequence.
** This film's use of blacklights.
* TheWoobie: Both Kate and Max definitely qualify.

'''Tropes that concern Esther''' ([[spoiler:'''Or better said, Leena Klammer''']]). '''Spoilers dead ahead!!'''
* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Psychotic homewrecker, or abused, mentally broken girl who [[IJustWantToBeLoved just wants to be genuinely loved for once?]]
** Even extends to her attempt at [[spoiler: seduction.]] [[spoiler: She's in the age range for MyBiologicalClockIsTicking but CantHaveSexEver thanks to [[NotGrowingUpSucks looking like a]] [[{{Lolicon}} 9-year-old]].]] Probably gets a ''little'' frustrating.
* HilariousInHindsight: An episode of DrKatzProfessionalTherapist had Dr. Katz and his son [[spoiler: humorously discuss horror movies where the killers were midgets. Titles (to the best of my memory) included "I'm Short, But You're Dead" and "Don't Step On My Toes, Or I'll Kill You!"]]