YMMV / Orange Marmalade

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "I like this piggy more than I like you!"
  • Ho Yay: In chapter 46 Si-Hoo tracks Jae-min down, sniffs him and begins literally drooling over him. Si-Hoo is a vampire and Jae-min does have extremely tasty blood but it is highly suggestive.
    • This does get followed up in the next chapter when Si-Hoo asks Jae-min if he swings that way.
    • Is it still Ho Yay if Si-Hoo basically tells Jae-min If It's You, It's Okay?
  • Les Yay: In chapter 46, in retaliation to Si-Hoo's bullying, Soo-ri grabs Ma-ri's hand.
    • Yoo Chae Rin constantly stalks Ma Ri, holding her hand and calling her pretty. At the end of chapter 77 she asks if she can go to her house and meet her parents. Of course she seems to be something of a vampophile but gender doesn't seem to be an issue.
      • The next chapter has her rub oil on Ma Ri's face while dressed in nothing but a towel and compliment how smooth her skin is. Then they get in bed together.
  • Tearjerker: Chapter 28 and 29. Ma-ri's struggles are so heart-breaking...
  • They Plotted a Perfectly Good Waste