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YMMV: Okami-San
  • Complete Monster: Shiro Hitsujikai seems utterly delighted to recount his sins to Ryoshi, even with his victim standing right beside him to hear everything. He shows great zeal in revealing to Ryoshi how he tried to rape Ryoko Ookami, at that time his innocent, trusting girlfriend, and then smear her reputation when she tried to tell others what he had done.
  • Les Yay:
    • Momoko to Ryoko: "If you'd just agree to be my little kitten, you'd be up and feeling wonderful every morning." While stroking her face.
    • Aaaaand then there's Episode 8. In the conclusion of the fake preview, Ringo kisses Ryoko rather passionately (complete with a close-up!).
    • Ringo did say that it would be nice if Ryoko knew the joys of same sex love. And a bit more food for thought, she was the one who made the movie preview at the end of Episode 8.
  • Moral Event Horizon: When Shiro calls Ringo, and proceeds to threaten to horribly maim (Or worse) Shirayuki and Ringo's seven younger siblings one by one. Oh, and all those kidnappings of Otogi Bank members didn't help either.
    • Or, you know, the little matter of the attempted rape.

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