YMMV: Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund

  • Complete Monster: Lord Magistrate Wolfram, the keeper of the titular fortress, is a handsome, gentle looking man who, despite his Faux Affably Evil manner, is a genuine sadist. As the guardian of The Wolfsmund ("Wolf’s Maw"), everyone passing through St. Gotthard's pass must be inspected by Wolfram, who delights in mentally and physically tormenting his victims. Starting the series by having a young woman executed and her body displayed, Wolfram goes on to commit many atrocities, including forcing a little girl and her mother to undergo a search inside their "womanly parts" with tongs to see if they're hiding anything, participating in torture ostensibly for information but really for pleasure and feeding the mother and younger brother of one of the only people to escape his clutches to ravenous wolves for an execution. It is revealed Wolfram led violent raids to kill civilians in the past and spared only two children with disfiguring scars over one eye each to make sure they never forgot him. Ostensibly loyal to the Austrian Hapsburg Dukedom, Wolfram admits that his only reason is for the amusement it gives him and his greatest joy in life is to cause others pain, especially after giving them hope first.