YMMV / Onmyoji


  • Ho Yay: Seimei and Hiromasa. Seimei and Hiromasa. "Oh, I don't care about the world, but I'll save it if you really want me to."
    • Comes up in the sequel too. They really don't want each other to die.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Genkaku didn't seem all that disturbed when he offers his children up as sacrifices to the gods or when he kills his wife.

Video game

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The dream Seimei has in which he kills Kagura at the beginning of episode 11 can be viewed as this. Neither is it mentioned again nor does it play any important role in the story.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Let's face it, Computernote  Ōtengu in chapter 18's battle against Kuro Seimei is unbelievable. Nowhere else in the game do you find anyone with two special mitama effects at once.
    • Bosses in later level of the skin dungeons get this as well, which means that having gotten those skins indicates a very powerful and competent player.
  • Critical Research Failure: Many inaccuracies in this game stray out of Artistic License territory and fall squarely into this, which are mainly concerned with history, such as the lives of Seimei and Hiromasa being nothing like recorded in historical documents. There is also the fact that in mythological canon, Tamamo no Mae and Seimei never met. The numerous musical inaccuracies can also make every musician out there sob.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: You can bet Yaobikuni is bound to get this treatment in fan works. It is completely Justified as the big damn reveal comes too late and her original characterization has already been established in the minds of most fans.
    • Ōtengu is also getting this as well, what with his being a Heel–Face Revolving Door. Yuki-onna is also a frequent victim of this, as her villainy is not revealed until fairly late in the story.
  • Foe Yay: Believe it or not, the moment when Kuro Seimei chokes Seimei in chapter 18 can be viewed as this.
  • Fridge Horror: The possible fate of Yōko's other victims. Just think about it: Koi-no-sei isn't his first and only; Kappa has reported cases of yōkai going missing to the onmyōji before Koi-no-sei is kidnapped herself. At the end, only she is seen rescued. It can be very scary to imagine whatever happened to the rest of Yōko's victims and what he might have possibly done to them.
  • Funny Moment: Yōko's defeat at the end of chapter 7. Kooooon kooooon, indeed.
    • Thanks to the fact that Seimei's Deflector Shield No-Sells any purely debuffing skills except for that of Ame-onna, watching A.I Amanojaku Red tries to provoke your team members or A.I Dream Eater tries to put them to sleep can be quite hilarious.
    • Shuten-dōji's crying like a baby after he gets his butt kicked hard again by Seimei in chapter 22, and the conversation that follows.
    Ibaraki-dōji: Haha, you have finally experienced it for yourself now, Shuten-dōji. It's called "misery". Once you are brought to tears, you naturally can't help but rage. That feeling is known as misery. And now you have just had a taste of it! When you overcome your misery, then you will be able to obtain true strength.
    Shuten-dōji: True strength?
    Ibaraki-dōji: Yes. And the key to overcoming your misery is but a new victory! So, my friend! Hurry up and defeat me right now! Quickly!
    Shuten-dōji: It's boring, so hell no.
    Ibaraki-dōji: What!?
  • Game-Breaker: Any player who manages to summon Ibaraki-dōji can consider themselves very lucky. He is way stronger than most other shikigami, even those of the same rarity. Adding to that the fact that his passive skill allows him to deal Splash Damage, he can very easily One Hit Multikill an entire full-HP team.
    • The same could be said for Ichimokuren and his ability to nullify opponent damage to all members of his team. The effect could take multiple turns to be finally broken, rendering anyone protected by it pretty much invincible.
  • Ho Yay: The Hair Eater is confirmed to be in love with Seimei in canon. It surely doesn't help matters that his sister is completely supportive of this.
    • Ibaraki-dōji's unquestioning and, frankly, masochistic loyalty toward Shuten-dōji comes off as this. Made even more obvious by this Valentine's Day mini-drama in which it is revealed that Ibaraki-dōji was the one sending Shuten-dōji alcoholic chocolates instead of Momiji.
    • Even though Hiromasa is clearly enraged at Ōtengu for having betrayed him and turned to evil, the former says to the latter that he still considers him his friend no matter what. That flute duet scene just ain't help.
    • Upon learning that Sakura-no-sei is in love with a human, Momo-no-sei tried to prevent her from pursuing that romance. Even though this is out of concern that Interspecies Romance would not go well (and she's right), this can also be interpreted as jealousy. Oh, and these two are apparently the best of friends and it is stated in Momo's in-game profile that she treasures Sakura more than anything in the world.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: The Mujō brothers are frequently shipped together, thanks to the (probably unintentional) Incest Subtext in canon.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Google Play Store places this game in the Horror genre for a reason. Many yōkai, case in point Ushi-no-koku-mairi and Kijo Momiji, are bound to give you chills.
  • No Yay: Any pairings involving Aobōzu whose being a Buddhist priest requires him to be celibate. Not that this stops his fans from having imaginations anyway, thanks in part to his appearance.
  • That One Boss: The despicable, undefeatable abomination from Hell that is Kuro friggin' Seimei. The dude himself isn't that strong, it's his band of supporters that are Sanbi-no-kitsune, Ōtengu and Yuki-onna that makes the battle against him qualify. And no, Kuro Seimei is not the Final Boss, since the story does not end with him. Before that, the earliest That One Boss appearing in the game could be Ibaraki-dōji aided by three Shuten-dōji, good grief, at the end of chapter 11.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night: The Ōtengu/Yōko pairing is surprisingly popular within the fandom even though plot-wise they have never met.
    • Since only a handful of shikigami make appearances in the plot, pairings that involve those who don't tend to be this by default.
  • Sleeping with the Boss: Enma and Hangan are often shipped together.
  • Stoic Woobie: The more the story progresses, the stronger the desire to give Seimei a hug. How the fuck does he stay calm through all the shit he's faced — amnesia, malicious forces causing one trouble after another, becoming The Scapegoat, the bad guy's turning out to be himself but not really and one of his friends' turning out to be serving a Greater-Scope Villain all along? However, he's still not to be messed with when he's angry.
  • Strawman Has a Point: No matter how you look at it, Momo is completely right to prevent Sakura from continuing her Interspecies Romance. Just look how it turns out. After Sakura and her lover's ghost exchange some words, Momo "admits" that she is wrong… but how?
  • Tear Jerker: The second chapter.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory: Or how else would you explain how Yasha's Stripperiffic post-Awakening outfit hasn't fallen off yet?
  • Theme Pairing: Susabi and Ichimokuren never have any indication that they have interacted, yet the pairing is popular, probably because a/ they're both gods and b/ they are both accompanied by dragons.
    • There are also fans who ship any SSR together regardless of canon just because they're SSR.
  • Toy Ship: Shirodōji and Kurodōji. The former's being a Living Emotional Crutch for the latter leads to some very adorable moments in the story.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: It is very easy to mistake Shirodōji and Kurodōji for girls until you hear their voices. There have also been fans who mistake Yōkinshi for a female character.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Many fans have this reaction towards Takehito Koyasu in the role of Chōchin-obake.