YMMV / One Piece Film: Z

  • Moe: Nami and Chopper as children are absolutely adorable, and 18-year old Robin is also very cute.
  • Win Back the Crowd: While Strong World wasn't a bad film by any means, a good majority of the fans decried Shiki as he wasn't really as threatening as advertised since he relied sorely on his powers and was defeated quite pathetically. For this film, they made sure Z was a very credible threat, first by having no Devil Fruit powers, fighting an admiral to a draw (nearly killing him in the process), defeating Luffy not once but twice through direct combat (Shiki did it too but only by using dirt and water to swamp Luffy, never by his own skills), and essentially having the final fight come to a technical draw since both Luffy and Z push each other to the point it becomes a standard (albeit Haki powered) punching match in the end.