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YMMV: One On One
  • Hollywood Homely: Lisa, they didn't even try to make her look unattractive. They just felt the need to keep telling us she was.
  • The Scrappy: D-Mack, D-Mack, D-MACK. While the rest of the new cast in Season 5 at least got somewhat better with time and were at the very least somewhat interesting D-Mack was neither of those things. He was a wannabe gangster rapper, Casanova Wannabe who constantly called Lisa, who had a massive crush on him that he knew about, ugly and insulted her, was a general prick to everyone else, and seemed only there to see how many sterotypes they could cram into one character.
    • D'Mack's actor has a reputation for playing these types of characters. In fact he was also accused of spoiling the later seasons of fellow UPN show Moesha by having a whole arc devoted to his character secretly being Moesha's half-brother from an affair Frank (her dad) had, when it was firmly established that Frank had been Happily Married to his first wife for years before her death.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 5, which did away with every character except Breanna and Arnaz and brought in 4 new characters to replace them, threw in a bunch of random transitions and generally lost what humor they had. It got better towards the end of the season but sadly the show ended before it could pick up again.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The fifth (and final) season.
  • Uncle Tom Foolery: Arguably D'Mack.

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