YMMV / Once Upon A Time Abridged

  • Author Filibuster: Always very well-done.
    • Daesgatling is not an Evil Regal, and thinks that Regina's behavior towards Henry is sometimes abusive. If Regina was confronted for what she did, the author would probably love it and eat pop-corn while watching, which is an understandable reaction.
    • Also, Milah is not a favorite of the author, but this enters more Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, as her parenting is criticized on a very understandable way, which most of the fans agree on.
    • Archie and Rumplestiltskin are awesome !
      • But apparently, the author is Team Archie as of the Emma problem in the abridged.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mr. Gold, Waldo The Wraith, Danvers The Dove, Archie Hopper, Paxington and Gretel.