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YMMV: On the Jellicoe Road
  • Angst? What Angst?: Averted, but it's kind of amazing that Taylor isn't a quivering wreck after all the shit she went through.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: So. Many.
    "What do I believe in? I believe in you, Taylor Markham."
  • Foe Yay: Jonah and Chaz have more than a few undertones of this.
    • Taylor/Richard, too, though it's more one-sided.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Hannah. Taylor was screwed up enough without Hannah distancing herself from her. And while Taylor nearly worships her, Hannah's brief appearances in the story make her seem more like a total bitch than someone who should be taking care of a kid.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Hannah and Webb's mother was decapitated in the car crash and Hannah saw it, Jonah killed his father because he was an abusive prick, Fitz shot Webb by accident and goes insane, Taylor nearly drowns herself, Taylor and her friend got left with a child molester as a kid, Fitz killed himself in front of Taylor... Marchetta really wasn't pulling any punches in this book.
  • Tear Jerker: The cat. Most of Taylor's life. What happened to Webb.
  • The Woobie: Taylor. And Jonah, too.
    • Fitz. Every time something went right for him, it always ended up going wrong. Horribly wrong.

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