YMMV / Olympus Has Fallen

  • Ho Yay: There are some vibes of this between Banning and Asher, especially Banning acting like a second father to Conner and Asher essentially playing the role of McClane's wife from Die Hard complete with Banning's rescue redeeming himself in the president's eyes!
  • Narm: The Secretary of Defense pledging allegiance to the flag. Yes, it's supposed to show how she's Defiant to the End, but the way she's wailing it while being dragged off by the hair reeks of this.
    • A shot of the flag atop the White House waving full of holes? A poetic end to the attack sequence. A full sequence with the bad guys lowering the flag and throwing it to the lawn, ending with a long, dramatic, slow-motion sequence of the flag falling? Eh, maybe that's a bit pushing it.
  • Special Effects Failure: A disconcerting amount of the CGI (especially the anti-air missile battery on top of the White House when it fires at the C-130 and the destruction of the Washington Monument) is about a decade out of date. Made all the more worse when compared to White House Down, released during the same time frame as this film.
  • Spiritual Licensee: Olympus Has Fallen and its competitor, White House Down, are considered to be better Die Hard movies than A Good Day to Die Hard.