YMMV / Odium

  • Anti-Climax Boss: The bosses in this game are rarely more dangerous than the mooks. They just have more health. If they're vulnerable to being tranqilized, then it's an easy victory. If not, there's usually a trick to neuter them anyway.
    • The Smokerider can be easily beaten by positioning your characters at his four sides dead center. He can only attack directly ahead with missiles, so he won't fire when the blast will also hit him. He also can't retreat because your characters are blocking his path. You can melee him to death without wasting ammo.
    • The Fatman is vulnerable to tranq, so he's pretty easy. His flunkies are a bit annoying, though.
    • The Stinger is also tranq vulnerable. He also suffers from the Smokerider's problem, except you need to position your characters off-center to avoid his attacks. He can tranq with area affect, but it causes no damage and you have five characters.
    • The Puppet is easy to beat because you can have two tasers to tranq him with, which means he never gets to fight back.
    • The Cripple, like the Stinger, can only attack directly ahead, which is good because he's immune to tranq.
    • The Messiah is stuck to a wall but immune to ranged weapons unless attacked from the front, forcing you to get in melee range. That's ok, though, because it can be confused by shoving crates into its attack range. It will flail uselessly at the crates without attacking and you can chop it to death.
    • The Incubus duo are immune to tranq but not freezing, and their only attack is a time-delay explosive. Their mooks are a bit of a problem, but they're actually prone to kill said mooks with their bombs, making your life easy.
    • The Final Boss is not only vulnerable to tranq, but also to pretty much everything else in your arsenal.
  • Awesome Moments: The cutscene preceding the Guard boss, mainly thanks to the intense music.
  • Demonic Spiders: Humans with rifles. They have better attack options than anything in the game and do a fair amount of damage. Better hope you have the Attractor.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • How can an enemy be tranquilized and on fire at the same time? You'd think the latter would nullify the former.
    • It's revealed later in the game that the monsters are the result of a mutating virus, so how did so many of them get all that machinery grafted onto them?
    • What was Dobrovsky/Morozov's goal? He says something about using the technology in the laboratory to obtain ultimate power, but all he seems to do is turn himself into a giant cyborg monster (which promptly gets killed by our heroes).
  • Game-Breaker: The Attracting Device, which forces any enemy not immune to its effect to walk towards the device until they either reach it or are incapable of reaching it, preventing them from even attacking your characters until one of these conditions is met. The few enemies that are immune to it can be beaten first, and the rest can be forced into an endless loop of wandering by positioning your characters to make them detour. It even works on humans, despite the description.
  • Narm: This is not normal death. This death reeks of evil.
    • Bad voice acting aside, some creatures have a really ridiculous design (Guard, Lucy, Sister of Mercy).